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XenCentral Trading System is a fully-featured feedback system for XenForo. It creates a separate section with full feedback data and is fully integrated with other XenForo pages (threads, member profile, member list). Products price includes one year of free support and updates. You will need to pay 25 EUR for each new year to get new updates, new features. Product is developed quite rapidly, so if you have any suggestion or feature request, just contact us, and we'll implement it. Enjoy! Thank you!
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Powered by DNF Technology Drnoyan & Nalyan LDA

Features Overview
  • Product On/Off switcher
  • Options page tabbed interface
  • Ability to choose trading system URL identifier
  • Separate usergroup permissions for each action (view pages, give, receive , administrate feedback)
  • Sidebar with statistics information of current user and overall statistics
  • Ability to choose blocks to be disaply on sidebar in administration page
  • Prevent users to submit feedback for the same user in a time interval (defined in administration page)
  • Show ratings of users in member list and posts
  • Ability to show detailed statistics in postbit (positive/negative/neutral)
  • Rate any user using AJAX pop-up directly from member list and thread pages
  • Deal thread AJAX suggestion
  • Ability to restrict deal thread forums and force valid deal thread
  • Force unique deal thread, so the same user could not left feedback for the same thread twice
  • Trading statistics tab in member's profile
  • Latest feedback on home page via AJAX
  • Current Activity on home page via AJAX
  • Option to enable/disable navigation tab
  • Trading pages history in navigation tab drop-down
  • Show users location in Current Visitors page
  • Link to user's trading profile in user information pop-up
  • Dedicated section in User Preferences page for trading-related preferences
  • Notify user via email/PM/alert for each feedback type. Possibiltiy to change notification type in preferences page.
  • Possibility to set default notification settings in Administration for users who did not configured their trading profile
  • Optional comment field for each feedback which can be hidden from Administration page
  • Invisible mode. Option in administration page to choose usergroups allowed to use invisible mode. Option in user's preferences page to enable/disable invisible mode.
  • Option in administration page to choose usergroups allowed to see actions by invisbile users.
  • Detailed user and board statistics with graphical display. Ability to choose time interval and for graph generation.
  • Configuration options for Latest Activity block. Ability to filter the activity per user, per activity type etc.
  • Fully featured filter in user's trading profile to find any feedback left for the user using different filter criteria.

Live Demo - Error | XenCentral XenForo Demo Board First

Support Forums - http://forum.xencentral.com/

Support Desk - http://desk.xencentral.com/

For any question, suggestion, feedback email us at sales [at] xencentral.com

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  1. XenCentral Trading System 1.6.7 released

    Hello everyone, This is a bug-fix release of XenCentral Trading System, that solves the issues...

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