XenCentral Multisite System

xF1 Add-on XenCentral Multisite System 1.8.0

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Hello everyone!

This is the next release of XenCentral Multisite System.

Release overview:

1. Support for Ads Manager by Siropu.

2. Support for XFA Document Manager.

3. Refactored cross-site login system for better social logins support.

4. TaigaChat Pro support fix.

All owners of active licenses can download the package in their Client's Area.

Thank you!
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This is the next bug-fix release of XenCentral Multisite System, fixing the problem of server errors being logged during cron execution when there is no XFA Blogs addon installed on the board.
This is a bug-fix release of XenCentral Multisite System, that solves the issue with New Posts from other domains not being shown to logged-in users and the posts not being marked as read when clicked.

All owners of an active license can download the latest version in their Client's Area.