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VB4 VaultWiki Lite 4.x: Wiki for vBulletin Forums 4.0.0 RC 2 Nulled

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VaultWiki, the leading Wiki addon product for vBulletin sites, finally has a Lite version of its new release!

VaultWiki is a highly effective way of sharing information that encourages visitors to return to your web site. Its framework makes it possible for many users to produce content simultaneously, providing the tools to streamline this process and increase efficiency of content creation on your community site.

User-Editable Content
The powerful editing options in VaultWiki allow your community to collaborate to create and publish content pages for your site. Multiple users can edit the same page, and your staff can moderate changes as they are made. VaultWiki maintains a detailed history of every page, making it just as easy to reverse unwanted changes.

Use to create general site content, user manuals, wikis, eBooks, product pages, and more. With a little imagination, VaultWiki can be configured to do almost anything.

Seamless Integration
At its core, VaultWiki is an addon product for vBulletin. Its pages all meld with vBulletin's existing style and template system. Content created with VaultWiki is indexed by vBulletin's built-in search engine. The list goes on...

SEO Friendly URLs
Using page titles, VaultWiki creates URLs that are designed to drive traffic to your site. VaultWiki achieves URL normalization in each of its content pages - meaning that each page preserves its value when it comes to generating traffic.

Fast Support
Licenses come with free support in our forums and bug tracker system, and documentation is available online at all times. Paid installation and upgrade services can be ordered via our web site.

Active Development
The team at are actively involved in the development process. This means that the software is constantly updated to be compatible with the newest vBulletin 4 releases and meet web standards. Bugs are fixed promptly and new features come out all the time.

Demo link:
Depending on our mood each day, the demo may be the full version or the Lite version.

For licensing details, please see the relevant "VaultWiki Lite" sections of the VaultWiki License Agreement here:

Features the Full Version
The find out more about VaultWiki Lite's features or to purchase the full commercial version, see the comparison here:

The following requirements are based on the full version. The Lite version has fewer MySQL tables, fewer files, and takes up less disk space.

PHP: 5.3+ (5.4+ recommended, 5.5+ recommended for big boards)
MySQL: 4.4.1+ (5.1+ recommended)
MySQL tables: 75+ (for some shared hosts)
MySQL max_allowed_packet: ?M+ (500K + expected language row length)
Disk Space: 12M+ (1G+ recommended)
iNodes: 5000+ (for some shared hosts)
Memory limit: 32M+ (128M+ recommended for vBulletin)

Copyright Info
VaultWiki Lite places a copyright notice in your forum's footer on any page where wiki functions are used. It also places a few nag screens that admin users can see. You are not allowed to modify the source code or phrases to remove this copyright or the nag screens.

You can purchase an Ad Removal and/or Branding Removal license for VaultWiki Lite from the official VaultWiki support site. Simply register an account there to access VaultWiki Lite downloads and extras such as these.

Technical Support
You will probably receive faster responses to support questions if you post at the official support site:
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