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NOTE: This add-on is designed for use with vBulletin 5 Connect. It WILL NOT work with earlier versions of vBulletin.

Raffles, giveaways, and contests, whatever you wish to call them, are a great way to increase traffic on any forum.

Features:•Define a different prize image for each raffle.
•Set raffle rules on a per raffle basis.
•Set raffles to start in the future or on the day you create the raffle.
•Set the day and time entries for a raffle stop being accepted.
•Set the day and time a raffle will be drawn.
•Allow One or more entries per user.
•Allow multiple entries at one time if desired.
•Admin settable time delay between user entries.
•One or more prizes per raffle.
•One or more winners per raffle (multiple winners require multiple prizes).
•Allow members to win multiple times in one raffle if desired.
•Display winning 'ticket' numbers if desired.
•Selectable usergroups
•Post count limit if desired.
•Show active raffles anywhere you want to show them with widgets.
•Automatic raffle draw via vBulletin scheduled tasks.
•Manual raffle draw to override end date and/or scheduled draws.
•Turn raffles on or off via admincp. (Only raffle admins can view raffles when they are turned off)

Disclaimer: Laws about how raffles should be handled vary from location to location. Be sure to check with local authorities and to comply with any laws that may apply to you. The author of this add-on can not be held responsible if the use of this add-on results in any violation of local laws. By downloading this add-on, you agree to abide by local laws and to hold the author of this add-on harmless for any damages that may occurr from the use of this add-on.

1) Upload the contents of the 'upload' folder to your forum's root.
(If your forum's location is, the root is /forums/)

2) Change the core/packages/raffles5/images folder properties so it is writeable (776 or 777).

3) Import the product XML file (product_raffles5.xml) into the Product Manager in AdminCP.
(The XML file is located in the /upload/core/packages/raffles5/xml folder)

4) Go to your site's home page and activate the Site Builder menu.

5) Either create a new page, or edit an existing page.

6) On the page where you want the active raffles to appear, select 'Add Modules' and click on 'Display'.
Then drag and drop either Raffles (Active - Large) or Raffles (Active - Small) widget where you want it to appear.

7) Take some time to set the options Raffle Settings.

8) Set up a raffle.

NOTE: If you want to display raffles that have already been drawn on a different page follow these steps..

1) Set 'Show Raffles Already Drawn With Active Raffles' to 'No' in ACP->Settings->Options->Raffle Settings.

2) Create or edit the page where you want the old raffles to be shown.

3) On the page where you want the old raffles to appear, select 'Add Modules' and click on 'Display'.
Then drag and drop the Raffles (Old) widget where you want it to appear.

* Removal *
1) Uninstall the product in ACP->Products & Hooks->Manage Products.

2) Delete the core/packages/raffles5 folder from your server.

3) Delete the core/admincp/raffleadmin.php file from your server.

4) Delete the admincp/img/module-icon-raffle.png file from your server.

* History (Changelog) *
5.0.1 (September 21, 2012) (Upgrades from 5.0.0: Only upload files to server. No need to import XML if upgrading from 5.0.0)
Fix - Raffle descriptions and rules not saving properly when no paragraph formating is used.

5.0.0 (September 20, 2012)
- Initial Release

smallactive.jpg largeactive.jpg entryscreen.jpg adminsettingsnew.jpg adminsettings.jpg
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First release
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