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xF1 Add-on [RainDD] User Activity (Users Viewed, Viewing Thread) 1.1.5

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Adjusted template modification to allow execution order changes to work.
That's all for the moment.
1.1.3 changes provided by Xon
  • Moved javascript into an external file, and only include when required.
  • Minimized javascript used when not in debug mode.
  • Phrased the All/Less text.
  • Fixed guest count for users without privacy bypass permission.
  • Ensure valid status for session data (Viewers) for the upcoming Xenforo 1.5.8 update as suggested by Xon.
  • Fixed issue with Less button.
  • Fixed container content check.
Just a note on the guest count fix. Guests counts technically should have never worked by design. This requires a second query to be accurate. I did however only run the query for users who require it to work. This allows privacy to still work as intended.