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Icewind Wild Card is the last in the squirrel collection. You can read a bit more of their antics here. Note the real name of Nut Job Jones (this is a company site after-all). Wild Card was a chipmunk that would run through the backyard when One-Eyed Willie and Nut Job Jones was around. Most times he would stick to his well travelled path, but sometimes he would come into the gazebo, and once in a while all three would be inside at the same time. Not good. Mayhem.

This add-on is dedicated to Wild Card. He loved short-direct paths, so he would appreciate this add-on.

What it does: gives admins the option to not display a signature, or add a show-hide button, in specific forums. If you have a role playing forum, or other such forums dedicated to serious discussions, the last thing you want to see is a signature so large it takes two XenForo licences to display it, or so flashy that your members think they are re-visiting the seventies.

Queries: None

Template Edits: None

Database Changes: Adds two additional fields to xf_forum

Phrases you can change for giggles: iwd_wild_card_hide_signature, iwd_wild_card_show_signature

TMS: 2, one to insert a custom template if needed, and to add a conditional to not show a signature. The second to load the css/js if it is needed.

Templates: Two. iwd_wild_card_button, and iwd_wild_card.css that you can go wild with. Note the text-align: left, this was added intentionally so you can easily change the button to show right or in the center.

Install: See the included readme. Be sure to upload the js as well. And back-up your database.

Uninstall: Standard. When it is uninstalled you will never know it was installed (be sure to delete the Wild Card directories from the JS and library folders).

Callbacks: None

Branding: I like the cut of your jib.

Price: One minute of silence for One-Eyed Willie, Nut Job Jones, and Wild Card OR if you have squirrels, three peanuts placed outside of your home, away from roads.

This add-on can only be installed if downloaded from or (if I ever decide to host my add-ons there).

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