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Game Servers is a addon that allows you to display a list of game and voice servers including their current player counts and links to connect to them.

As mentioned in the requirements, your web host must fully support writing to sockets, including to any ports that you use to query your servers. Some very budget hosts such as GoDaddy will not open these ports, and so you will be unable to use the addon without moving to a proper host.

A number of screenshots are provided below.

- XenForo 1.2+
- PHP 5.3 (5.4 recommended) with bzip2, zlib and full socket support (including writing to sockets)

  • Supports over 90 games (including voice servers) using the GameQ library *
  • Supports adding a non-supported server with a custom max player count (see first screenshot)
  • Server player information updates every 5 minutes via cron
  • Easy to use admin interface
  • Can disable servers temporarily
  • Shows server hostname and port on hover
  • Icon and join URL support (optional)
  • Output formats included: template, Widget Framework renderer, XenPorta block, XenPorta 2 widget
  1. Upload the contents of the upload folder
  2. Install using the included XML file
  3. Add your servers: Admin panel -> Applications -> Game Servers -> List Servers -> Add server
  4. Setup one or more output methods:
Widget Framework
Use the "Game Servers" renderer

Upload the contents of the "xenporta/upload" folder, and install the XML file in the "xenporta" folder as a XenPorta block.

XenPorta 2
Install the XML file in the "xenporta2" folder as a XenPorta 2 widget, and add the widget to a layout as desired.

Include the "gameservers_template" template.​

Supported Servers
* A list of GameQ supported games/servers is provided below. Not all server types have been tested. If you have any issues, as much support as possible will be provided.

Frequently Asked Questions
Click here to read the FAQ.

Refund Policy
No refunds will be provided except under extraordinary circumstances as seen fit by the developer.
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