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  3. 1.5
Useful addition to the Esthetic Collaborative Shopping

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This product will be a useful forum administrators and users in cases where there is a need to restrict access to certain information from a wide range of people. So, browse the contents of the discussions on the forum, you can allow only those users that match the specified conditions of the author of the topic. Supplement adds two new types of access to the theme: private and limited. In the first case a supplement function is quite simple: it allows you to restrict access to content Topics list (whitelist). In this mode, the author must own a list of users who are allowed to view the contents of the subject. Therefore, any user who tries to open the subject, but has not been previously added to the author in the list of participants, will receive an error message. The second type of access is reminiscent of the work of concealing the tag complement Esthetic Extended BB-Codes. In this mode, the author may establish minimum requirements for the users who can access the discussion. The main criteria for access are made on the basis of the number of messages, sympathy points for trophies and days spent on the user forum. Thus, the author of the theme to make decisions for a range of users to allow access to the discussion of his questions. The ability to create private and limited to those to be specified in setup. To do this, you need to select your area of interest (the "Annex" Control Panel) and open the tab "section of Setting." Having established the necessary flags, save the changes.Repeat for the other sections. When the partition configuration is complete, proceed to the issuance of rights of user groups. To do this, open the page of the rights group members (the "Members"), select the required group. Note: flags "Creating the private" and "Creation of the limited" also involve the installation of the privacy mode for the already previously established order. Also, it is worth noting that the flag "Manage private and limited topics" is recommended exclusively for online team (administrators, moderators). This flag allows you to view and manage the privacy settings of any topic, even those authored by the user is not. After setting rights groups addition is ready to work. Work with the addition completed the setup should begin testing work supplement. The first step is to check his work in the process of creating a new topic. If you open the page creation topics in any section, which allowed private or limited topics, you should see additional settings: select the desired type of access, complete the creation of the theme. Correct operation of result will complement the theme, similar to those in the above figures. The principle of those with private access is quite simple. Additional attention should be paid to the theme with limited access. Namely, on the field "Advanced Rules". This field is used for the preparation of more complex rules combined. There is also the basis of the principle of supplements taken Esthetic the Extended the BB-Codes . You can specify a complex rule, which would more accurately describe the criteria for access to the discussion.
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