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Elegance 2 is a complete rewrite of popular Elegance style. It looks similar to old style, but it is not an update of old style. It is a new style based on my styles framework, that has many configuration options and several hundred style properties.

All owners of Elegance licenses have access to both Elegance 1 and Elegance 2. Both Elegance 1 and Elegance 2 will be maintained for XenForo 1.x.

Elegance 2 comes in several premade color schemes:


It has multiple layout options for wrapper, header, navigation, quick search, breadcrumbs and sidebar:

Other major features:
  • High definition display support:
    • All images used by style include normal and high definition versions, automatically serving high definition versions to devices that have high definition displays.
    • Option for high definition logo.
    • XenForo UI sprite image has been replaced by Font Awesome and Glyph Icons Pro glyphs.
  • Overall layout improvements:
    • Customizable content wrapper layout.
    • Option to set fixed width. However it scales down on small devices.
    • 2 predefined content layouts: with white background and blue background. Both are easily customizable.
  • Navigation features:
    • Standard tabbed XenForo navigation (see samples on left side of screenshot above).
    • Alternative navigation that displays main navigation as icons on right side of header (see samples on right side of screenshot above).
    • Font Awesome and Glyph Icons Pro glyphs for navigation tabs. It is easy to customize and add your own glyphs for custom tabs.
    • Static navigation. When scrolling down, navigation stays on top of screen.
    • Floating back to top button in bottom right corner of page.
  • Breadcrumbs has 3 layout options, all are customizable.
  • Sidebar improvements:
    • Sidebar has 2 preset layout options: separate sidebar blocks or sidebar wrapped in one container.
    • Separate buttons to toggle sidebar on desktop and mobile devices.
    • Option to show sidebar on left side.
  • Node list improvements:
    • Compact nodes list (see bottom right sample on screenshot above). Unlike other similar solutions, this compact nodes list is dynamic. It automatically scales based on screen resolution and number of forums in category. You can enable/disable it for each category. Click here for samples and tutorial.
    • Toggle categories (see right corner of categories in screenshots above). User selection is stored in cookies. You can configure specific nodes to be toggled by default.
    • Custom node sprites. You can configure custom node sprite for any forum or category. Option includes setting for separate high definition sprite.
    • Custom node glyphs. You can replace node sprite with Font Awesome or Glyph Icons Pro glyph. Click here for samples and tutorial.
    • Option to show or hide last post information in nodes list on mobile devices.
  • Thread list improvements:
    • Option to separate sticky and normal threads.
    • Compact threads list. It is similar to compact nodes list feature described above.
    • Custom thread icons. You can assign custom icon to specific threads, which will replace poster's avatar. It is useful to set apart important threads, such as threads with rules or FAQ.
  • Message layout improvements:
    • Messages have 2 predefined layouts: wrapped layout and separate layout. In wrapped layout both poster information and message are wrapped into same block. In separate layout poster information and message are in separate blocks (similar to default XenForo layout).
    • Horizontal message layout. It can be enabled for all messages or only for first message in thread. Layout is easy to customize.
    • If message block is shorter than poster profile, message block is stretched to match poster profile height. This option can be toggled in style properties.
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