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    xF2 Guides Convert a suggestion forum to XF 2.2 Suggestion Type Forum

    This guide will help you convert your existing suggestion forum to one with up-votes after upgrading to XF 2.2. To read the news post about suggestion forums click here. Step 1. Open the forum you'd like to convert for editing in your Admin CP then click the "Change type" button. Step...
  2. Admin

    xF2 Add-on OzzModz] Usergroup View In ACP 2.0.0

    Simple addon that shows the usergroup banners In the ACP on the usergroup list and the usergroup permissions list.
  3. Admin

    xF2 Add-on [OzzModz] Text Logo 2.0.1

    This is a simple addon, based off of @Brogan's template edit, https://xenforo.com/community/resources/text-logo.7421/ Thanks to @TickTackk for help with the regex. This version of the text logo addon vs Brogan’s is useful if you have many styles and don’t want to edit every one, this does it...
  4. Admin

    xF2 Add-on [OzzModz] Add Pagination To Top Of Templates List 2.0.0

    When viewing the templates list in the ACP, the pagination is all the way at the bottom of the template list. This addon will add the pagination to the top of the list as well.
  5. Admin

    xF2 Add-on [OzzModz] Remove The Last Posters Avatars 2.0.1

    Simple addon that removes the last poster avatars from the forum home and forum view pages. Forum home before: Forum home after: Thread view before: Thread view after:
  6. Admin

    xF2 Add-on [OzzModz] Add Pagination To Top Of Phrase List 2.0.0

    When viewing the phrases list in the ACP, the pagination is all the way at the bottom of the phrase list. This addon will add the pagination to the top of the list as well.
  7. Admin

    xF2 Add-on [OzzModz] Show Pagination On Mobile Devices 2.0.0

    Small addon that adds the pagination back to the mobile view. Below is an example.
  8. Admin

    xF2 Add-on [OzzModz] Add Pagination To Top Of Members List In ACP 2.0.0

    When viewing the user list in the ACP, the pagination is all the way at the bottom of the user list. This addon will add the pagination to the top of the list as well.
  9. Admin

    xF2 Add-on [OzzModz] Move Edit Post Before Report 2.0.1

    Simple addon that moves the edit function before the report function in posts.
  10. Admin

    xF2 Add-on [OzzModz] Collapse ACP Side Menu 2.0.0

    Simple addon that will collapse the admin side menu in the ACP by default.
  11. Admin

    xF2 Add-on [OzzModz] No Reply to Closed Threads 2.0.2

    A quick add-on that removes the quick reply box from closed threads. This works for all users, including admins and moderators. There are no settings for this add-on.
  12. Admin

    xF2 Add-on [OzzModz] Daily Doodle Alternating Logo 2.0.5

    Most people know that Google changes its logo on specific days to honor holidays, birthdays, or other notable events. They call these temporary logos "Google Doodles." Many XenForo Admins like to mark special days by temporarily changing our forum logos as well. Usually this means manually...
  13. Admin

    xF2 Add-on [Liam W] (RIP) Bypass Birth Year Privacy 3.0.2

    This install-and-done add-on allows board members with the 'Bypass user privacy' permission to view the ages of all board members, regardless of their current DOB privacy selection.
  14. Admin

    xF2 Add-on [OzzModz] User Thread Counter 2.0.3

    With STUTC2 you can see how many threads a user has created. You can also see the TOP users and much more. Thread counter real time as well as the postings Notable Members Page "Most Threads" support for user ladder title support for trophy criteria Thread count is like Message Count to...
  15. Admin

    xF2 Add-on [OzzModz] Force Users To Read Threads 2.0.8

    They have created rules for your forum in a thread, but nobody reads them? Then use this add-on. It forces users to read a particular thread and only then can they view other threads/Forum etc.
  16. Admin

    xF2 Add-on [OzzModz] Auto Follow on Registration 2.0.1

    This add-on allows you to be automatically followed by your new members: when you register, the new member will automatically become your fan and you will receive an alert. It also allows you to follow new members by the member of your choice, several people can be followed at the same time as...
  17. Admin

    xF2 Add-on [OzzModz]/[Kirby] Search Threads by prefix only 1.1.0

    This Add-on allows to search for threads on advanced search by just selecting a prefix Originally coded by @Kirby, in this thread, https://xenforo.com/community/threads/link-for-search-all-threads-with-a-particular-prefix.148153
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    xF2 Add-on [OzzModz]/[Kirby] Public Account Upgrades 1.0.0

    This Add-on allows to display the User Upgrades page to guests, requiring them to register/log in when clicking the Purchase button. Originally coded by @Kirby, in this thread, https://xenforo.com/community/threa...-page-viewable-to-public.167969/#post-1364136
  19. Admin

    xF2 Add-on [OzzModz]/[Kirby] Filtered User Change Log 1.0.0

    Small addon that will filter your user change logs and remove the users that have accepted the terms & rules and privacy policy. Originally coded by @Kirby, in this thread, https://xenforo.com/community/threa...policy-can-we-hide-these.167635/#post-1362445
  20. Admin

    xF2 Add-on [OzzModz]/[Kirby] Filtered Account Upgrades 2.0.0

    This Add-on allows to display a single upgrade on the account upgrades page by adding its ID as a URL parameter. Originally coded by @Kirby, in this thread, https://xenforo.com/community/threads/add-unique-id-to-user-upgrade-url.184254/
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