- Compatibility with Elementor 3.19.x
- Compatibility with WooCommerce 8.6.x
- Added PWA (Progressive Web App) features & options for mobile/tablet devices
- Added PWA welcome screen on small devices, known as 'Add to Home Screen' instruction
- Added Woocommerce FAQ post type and tab for the single product page
- Added Woocommerce size guide & faq post type select from theme options
- Added Woocommerce option to change the sale badge to the sale percentage
- Added Woocommerce sticky single product tabs on page scrolls
- Added Woocommerce option to enable the product category name under the product title
- Added Woocommerce option to add a custom button beside add to cart in the single product page
- Added Woocommerce product status message inside the product meta section
- Added Woocommerce product page inner column summary content StyleKit
- Added Woocommerce navigation arrows to a single product gallery
- Added New SEO option to change sidebar widgets' title tag for SEO
- Added Advanced settings and StyleKits to Elementor container element
- Fixed Elementor banner element tilt effect HTML output
- Fixed WooCommerce quantity minus number issue on click
- Fixed post_title object error when there is no image in WPBakery page builder
- Fixed WooCommerce single product page sticky column for the gallery slider
- Fixed Magic mouse magnet hover on all links issue
- Fixed minor CSS, JS, and language file issues

-- PWA benefits are App-Like Interactions, Discoverability, Installation, Automatic Updates, and Cross-Browser Compatibility, aiming to bridge the gap between traditional web applications and native mobile apps, offering a compelling and versatile solution for developers and users alike.
Added New Demo [Pet Shop]
Added New icons by Font Awesome 6.4.x
Added New Google fonts to library [1562 fonts]
Fixed mobile menu JS error if a menu link contains #/
Fixed Page anchor issue in the mobile menu
Fixed Theme Options inner menu URL issue
Fixed Minor CSS and JS issues
Updated plugins and Language files

  • NEW

  • Compatibility with WooCommerce 7.9.x

  • FIX

  • Fixed Anchor menu conflict with off-canvas menu on mobile

  • Fixed WooCommerce gallery lightbox conflict

  • Fixed Elementor Accordion & Toggle content template issue

  • Fixed Elementor Timeline content template issue

  • Fixed line break in counter element title by -br-

  • Fixed line break in service box element title by -br-

  • Fixed Minor CSS and JS issues

  • FIX

  • Fixed Demo importer blank page issue

  • Fixed Custom template options for header and footer

  • NEW

  • New demo [ Photographer ]

  • WooCommerce order and order by options

  • Google fonts library updated to 1017 fonts

  • FIX

  • jQuery migrate deprecated functions

  • Fullwidth mega menu size detection

  • Video element preloading issue

  • Carousel even/odd type issue

  • Link output when only have link text

  • Counter element for Persian/Arabic numbers

  • Particle element JS functions in page builder

  • Nav menu widget long dropdown items issue
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  • NEW

  • New demo [ Investment ]

  • Option for WP browser native lazy load images

  • FIX

  • Mobile menu dropdown indicator icon issue

  • Shop cart page quantity +/- issue after update

  • Working hours element issue when used inside tabs

  • User scrolling issue specially on single product

  • Multiple tabs on same page hover conflict issue