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Personal Like Statistics adds a new tab to the profile pages of your users where the top users who are liked by that user and the top users who liked content of that user can be seen.

Admin options include permissions for users and user groups to see that profile tab only at his own profile page or at all profile pages. Also there is a configurable user permission on how many top users can be seen (1-25) in the statistics.

Code Quality Guarantee:
We guarantee that our add-ons are coded very carefully and thoughtfully by professional PHP, JS & MySQL programmers. The code is robust and written with performance and reliability in mind. It has been tested extensivly before being released and can be used even at large forum installations.
We also guarantee that our add-on does NOT use and does NOT include any callbacks. It does not ever transfer any of your data to a foreign server!

Current compatibility:
This add-on is compatible with Xenforo 1.2.x (tested with XenForo 1.2.5), XenForo 1.3.x (tested with XenForo 1.3.1), XenForo 1.4.x (tested with XenForo 1.4.8) and XenForo 1.5.x. Sorry, not compatible with XenForo 1.1 or smaller.
Hint: See FAQ for information about unsupported use of this add-on with XenForo 1.1

Demonstration Information:
Like to try this product out? No problem!
Demo can be found >>here<<.

Detailed Installation / Upgrade Intructions can be found at our support site (direct link). We recommend reading it.

Permission control options for all users and user groups:
  • See the Personal Like Stats Tab for all users.
  • See the Personal Like Stats Tab only on his/her own profile page.
  • How many Top Users should be shown (1 - 25)
Instructions & Manual:
We care about our add-ons!
This is why you can find detailed instructions at our support site:


Purchase Process:

If you want to buy this add-on, please click at the "Buy" button above. Additional information about the purchase an licensing process can be found here:
Purchase And Download Process - Information | WebMachine Technologies - Quality Add-Ons and Plugins for XenForo

Branding/Copyright Notice Removal:
This add-on features a small copyright notice in the footer of your web site. If you would like to remove the copyright, please purchase a Branding Removal License from us for a small fee. Additional information about the branding and a screenshot of the branding can be found here:
Copyright Notice, Branding And Removal - Information | WebMachine Technologies - Quality Add-Ons and Plugins for XenForo

Translation Info:
Our add-ons are fully phrased and can be translated into any language. A german translation is already included in the package, if you purchase this add-on. If you translate our add-on into a foreign language, we kindly ask you to release this translation to the public at XenForo.com or at our site wmtech.net. To make it easier for potential translators, you can find the original english language xml file of this add-on for download >>HERE<<. Please note, that all content of the language file is copyright protected and owned by us. Do not use it in your own projects without asking us before!

See attached screenshots for a visual impression with this add-on and all its permission settings and features.

This is a WMTech XenForo addon. There has been a lot of care and work done to code it with focus at you, our valued customer. Paying for it respects our work done and enables us to code even more quality software for you. Please respect and protect our intelectual property and DO NOT forward it to any third parties (not even your external developers). We have included digital "fingerprints" into the files of each single package, so we may be able to track a reported abuse of our license back to the licensee. Please help us to fight against piracy and contact us, if you get any knowledge about pirated software or the illegal use or provision of this software.
This add-on (like all of our add-ons) features a license check url which we use to check your site for using a valid license. Licenses for our add-ons are valid only if this check feature works like intended. See our description of the license check process in the License Check Information document at our web site.
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  1. v1.0.2: Minor Bugfix and Code Enhancements

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