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vbRides is a vBulletin Garage plugin for vBulletin Suite 4 forum software. Members of your website can showcase their rides with the community. This is not a port or copy of another garage but a unique mod designed by a car guy for the car community. My intentions with vbrides is avoid the bloat of unnecessary extensions an keep a simple 'showcase' style garage.

I have wanted to build a 'garage' add-on since I first started with vbulletin an worked on something with Magnus ten years ago. It was Christeris new add-ons that had the style an layout that inspired me to create this new add-on. He has since abandon his work an given ozzy47 his code who has given me permission to use Christeris code to build a new garage add-on called "vbRides".

Due to starting with code from another project this add-on will remain free an not offered as a pro or lite edition. However there was extensive work writing vbrides an would appreciate your support.

Key Features
  • User management of rides through the User Control Panel
  • Forty fields of specifications to fill out for a detailed ride profile.
  • Support for an audio clip embedded with the HTML5 audio player.
  • Ride owners can add a single YouTube video.
  • RSS feed for new rides with photo, title, an description.
  • Searchable fields include owner, VIN, and keywords.
  • Unlimited categories an subcategories.
  • Lightbox presentation of ride images
  • Create new ride thread in a specified forum showing the ride year, make, model, an it's main image with a short description.
  • Up to 5 ride listings can be automatically generated an added to owners forum signature.
  • Social Media block can either use AddThis account or choose Twitter, Google, Pin It, an Facebook like buttons.
  • Owners ride listings tab can be shown on their user profile.
  • Vehicle of the day within it's category added with cron.
  • Extra fields can be added under the user stats block.
Under Construction
  • SEO Friendly URLs has not been tested an should be considered under development.
  • Custom Facebook Open Graph isn't working as intended.
  • Signature hook is only showing ride for first post. To Fix Plugin Manager > Edit Plugin vbRides: Postbit, Signatures and PM's, Remove the "_once" from require_once.
  • Missing side padding for text in side blocks with last update.
Future Plans / Wishlist
  • Drag Strip stats, an extension to add drag racing information with timeslip images.
  • Modification system, an extension to add searchable database based on the parts. So a Holley carb install would be linked to other rides who have done the same install.
  • Add activity stream support
  • Download and unzip the file ''
  • Upload the content of upload folder to your existing vBulletin directory. If your admincp folder is renamed from default manually move vbrides_admin.php to it.
  • CMOD 777 the directories:
    • vbrides/photos
    • vbrides/audio
  • Goto Admincp, Plugins & Products > Manage Products > Add/Import Product and import product-vbrides.xml
  • Set the various settings in vbRides
  • Set Usergroup permissions


Demo Account:
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First release
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