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VB4 vB Spam Assassin 4.2.205 Nulled

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This product adds completely new level of Spam protection to your forum, just by one click you can clean the mess & delete all spam content posted by any Spammer (threads, posts, ..etc), human registration timer also prevents Spam registrations.

Continuation of Add-on

: PHPKD - vB Spam Assassin

  • General Features:-
    • Fully Phrased.
    • Fully Automated.
    • Fully Supported.
    • Accurate Processing.
    • Professionally Coded.
    • Detailed Documentation.
    • Doesn't require any manual file edits.
    • Zero additional queries, only while executing process.
    • Depends on & uses default vBulletin techniques with full compatibility.
    • The product's code base is very solid/rich & has many possibilities to help in future development.
    • Email pre-verification feature, you can prevent registration until email verified first by the user.
    • Registration human verification process depends on ellapsed time through the registration (compared to random time period chosen from a range determined via AdminCP).
    • With just only one click, you can delete all traces of any spammer: select which data should be deleted (Post Data: Threads, Posts, Polls, Announcements and Subscriptions / Social Data: Social Groups, Picture Albums, Picture Comments and Visitor Messages / Calendar Data: Calendar Events, Calendar Moderation, Event Reminders and Event Subscriptions / Third Party Data: Any third party data related to this spammer in other software like Blogs & Others! / Delete/Ban User Account: Ban/Delete User Account, PMs, Sessions, Logs, Permissions, Relationships And Profile Assets & Traces) and optionaly (according to product's settings) Ban IP(s), Ban Email(s), Force Soft Deletion For Applicable Data Types, Send Email Notification To Spammer.)
    • Report actions to staff via private messages and/or new thread in specified forum.
    • Easy management of banned emails/IPs from AdminCP.
  • Specific Features:-
    • Product Active
    • Registration Human Verification Countdown Timer Active
    • Registration Human Verification Minimum Wait Time Period (seconds)
    • Registration Human Verification Maximum Wait Time Period (seconds)
    • Disable Submit Button Until Wait Time Period Pass
    • Spam Notification: Staff Handler
    • Spam Notification: Notified Staff Members
    • Spam Notification Forum ID
    • Registration Spam Notification
    • Powerful Usergroup IDs
    • Include/Exclude Users
    • Included/Excluded Users IDs
    • Include/Exclude Usergroups
    • Included/Excluded Usergroups IDs
    • Banned Usergroup
    • Banned Usertitle
    • Ban Options (IP Address - Email)
    • Spam Registration Failure Action (Failure MSG - Failure Redirect)
    • Spam Registration Failure MSG
    • Spam Registration Failure Redirect
    • Email Pre-Verification: Active
    • Email Pre-Verification: Code Expiration

Installation Procedure:
  1. Upload everything inside 'upload" folder to your vBulletin root.
  2. Make sure you rename admincp (and/or modcp) folders to match yours if you have customized it.
  3. Import product's XML file in "import" folder thru AdminCP > Manage Products > Add new product.
  4. Go to: "vBulletin AdminCP -> Settings -> Options -> PHPKD - vB Spam Assassin"
    Configure product's settings as you wish, add "Notification Staff Handler".

Upgrade Procedure:
  1. Same as "Installation Procedure", but "Allow Overwrite" for both file uploads & product import.

  • vBulletin AdminCP -> Settings -> Options -> PHPKD - vB Spam Assassin
  • vBulletin AdminCP -> Settings -> Options -> Banned Email Addresses
  • vBulletin AdminCP -> Settings -> Options -> Banned IP Addresses

  • v4.2.204 2014-11-28 : Feature release.
  • v4.2.204 2014-12-02 : Small bug fix release.

  • This add-on is fully supported.
  • Currently accepting feature requests.
  • Any bug report is welcomed.
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