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xF1 Add-on [TH] Thumbnails 2.1.7

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Compatible XF Versions
  1. 1.3
  2. 1.4
  3. 1.5
This add-on allows a user, when creating or editing a thread, to specify a Thumbnail image to be used for display next to the thread in the forum view, or a Thumbnail image can be automatically selected based on different criteria (e.g., uploaded images, attached images, etc.).

You can define which forums have this functionality enabled and set the method by which the Thumbnail is selected on a global or per-forum basis.

The Thumbnail also optionally appears in all Search Results, New Posts pages, Watched Threads pages, on widgets (requires [BD] Widget Framework), as an alternative Facebook open graph image, and more.

When creating a thread, the user can optionally see the images in the message as thumbnails and select a thumbnail from the list.

This add-on includes a caching option to speed up page loading times and, in XenForo 1.3+, utilises the Image Proxy system to serve images and thumbnails from your server.
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Latest updates

  1. Version 2.1.7 Released

    Enhancements: Provided support for Widget Framework 2.6.3 Note: If you are not running the...
  2. Version 2.1.6a Released

    Bugs Fixed Checks thread for forum details.