[TH] Monetize Lite

xF1 Add-on [TH] Monetize Lite 1.0.13 Patch 1

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Compatible XF Versions
  1. 1.4
  2. 1.5
Additional Requirements
PHP 5.3.0
This tool is a powerful advertisement manager. You can create advertisement banners all over your board based on various criteria, fully responsive, and comes with complete support with the UI.X framework.

Why is this the lite version?

We originally built AD Monetize (now [AD] Monetize Lite) from the perspective of fully responsive advertising being a top priority. But what we left out was DFP support and therefore template conditionals. We would have just added DFP to this add-on, but it was nearly impossible. Since this one still has a purpose, we decided to release it at a much lower price point. It still does everything it claims it does. Current license holders of [AD] Monetize Lite are being offered a 50% off for the pro version.

Main features
  • Create and manage advertisements - Tons of different features set per advertisement
  • Create and manage advertisement locations - Both ones that exist in XenForo already as well as creating your own custom
  • Advertisement Node Types - Create a node, and gain all the benefits of a node, that can display ads right in your node list.
  • Permissions for who can manage ads
  • Specific node type to be used for Advertisements
  • Click/view tracking - Manage clicks, views, and other statistics on a per node or global basis
  • Weighted advertisement rotation - Give certain ads in the same location higher preference over others
  • Ability to append banners to locations or rotate through them
  • Supports links, images and custom advertisements - (Custom JS, Adsense, other advertisement sites, images, links, banners/images)
  • Upload images
  • Advertisement Expiration - have advertisements expire at a certain date (both start and end date) or have them run indefinitely
  • Permissions to globally disable advertisements for specific usergroups - great
  • Fully Responsive/Mobile Friendly - Set custom viewport upper and lower bounds, or quick mobile/tablet/desktop options. Note that some advertisement providers do not support this functionality, and it is against the TOS of some as well. There is an option to disable this for those
  • Full UI.X Framework Support - you will find our ads display wonderfully and work with UI.X settings
  • User criteria - target ads based on gender, custom user fields such as software or location, post count, and anything else XenForo supports
  • Display Order
  • URL options
  • Status - Can disable or enable ads at any time
  • Minimize additional queries - fully scalable
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