[rellect] Last Seen Policy

xF1 Add-on [rellect] Last Seen Policy 1.0.7

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Guest and robot activity is now visible to all users.
Fixed a bug that prevented users (under the permission to share online status) from viewing guests and robots activity in the Current Visitors page.
This update fixes a database error found in the yesterday release v1.0.4.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Added policy enforcement to the sidebar online block and the full online page.

Thanks @JamesBrown for reporting.

Important note: Online and visible staff members will be still listed despite user's permissions (this is a design decision). Staff members who choose to be visible most likely want users to know about it.
This has been changed also in posts.
Fixed installation error.
- Fixed Undefined index: permissions which occurred in some cases.
- User's invisibility will automatically turn off if user no longer allowed to edit this setting. (Previously user couldn't change the setting, but he was still invisible due to the option being enabled). This happens on user's next visit, so if mistakenly set there's still time to revert it.
It's now possible to disable guests from viewing users online status and current activity.

In order to do it, go to the permissions of the guests group (Unregistered / Unconfirmed) and set "Must share own online status to see others' status" to Allow.

Since guests don't have settings to change, they will never be able to see the online status of anyone.
Fixed installation error.
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