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Compatible XF Versions
  1. 1.2
  2. 1.3
  3. 1.4
  4. 1.5
This add-on adds two new permissions to Forum Permissions group, that can be set per forum.
Below the Like posts permission you will find:
- Rambunctious Two Like first posts (defaulted to Not Set)
- Rambunctious Two Can unlike posts (defaulted to Allow)
If you set Rambunctious Two Like first posts to Allow, regardless if Like Posts is set to Not Set or Allow, only the first post of a thread can be liked.
To remove members ability to Unlike posts they have previously like for a particular forum, set Rambunctious Two Can unlike posts to Revoke.
If revoked and a member tries to circumvent Rambunctious Two Can unlike by posting a like URL in their browsers address bar, they will receive an error.
The Unlike link is set to display: none for posts that they just liked. If a member uses their browsers developer tools to display the Unlike link they will only reset the like date to the current time (the like stays, it will just be a few seconds newer). The Unlike link is not available when they visit a thread with posts they liked previously, and they can not Unlike.
Phrases: (for error messages)
iwd_rt_you_can_not_unlike, defaulted to: You can not unlike a post you liked in this thread.
iwd_rt_you_can_only_like_first_post, defaulted to: You can only like the first post in this thread.
Templates: one, iwd_rambunctious_two.css
Template Modifications: two. One to load in the above template if required, and one to check if the Unlike link should be sent to the browser or not.
Install: read the readme file before installing. Standard install, upload the files and import the XML.
Uninstall: uninstall the add-on, and remove the uploaded files.
Callbacks: not that I'm aware of. With that said, three days ago I turned on my lava-lamp, and I just woke to discover that I wrote this add-on sometime during that three day period. Who knows.
Branding: don't know, see directly above.
You can only install this add-on if downloaded from or, and that you understand that the Rambunctious Two will take your sites likes to rock bottom with them.
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