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xF1 Add-on Post Limit Per Node by AddonsLab 1.6.1

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This is a minor bug-fix release, that fixes a PHP error logged in server logs.
Here is the next release of Post Limit Per Node add-on, which implements a better control over post counting method. By default, the add-on counts any thread as one post as well. Now you will be able to configure this in product's options and decide if a thread should be counted or not counted as a post, and if so, in which forums.

We have also added a new permission, that configures if thread starter's own posts should be counted in post limit or no.

Now users will also see, how much time is left till they are able to post the next thread/post instead of seeing usual "no permission" message.

This release implements two options to set the prefered time unit when configuring the permissions. Time unit can be set separately for threads and posts. The numbers set in Permissions will use this unit. Phrases in the list of permissions also update dynamically based on the setting activated.

By default, the unit is set to "hours" for both threads and posts, which makes the update fully backward-compatible. No changes in configuration are needed if you want to keep using "hours" as the unit for limiting posts/threads.
This is a bug fix release of Post Limit Per Node product, that fixes node-based permission configuration conflict when the permissions on usergroups are put to "unlimited". To have unlimited permissions you should just leave the limits on permission level to 0, and configure the permissions per-node basis.

To install the fix you need to re-upload product files and re-import product XML file.
with this release we have modified the way the limits work a bit:

- Setting "Unlimited" for "Limit number of posts" or "Limit number of threads" will mean unlimited posts/threads, no matter what time is set for the time limit.
- Setting the time limit to "Unlimited" will mean "All Times". So, 10 posts in "unlimited" time means 10 posts in total, without any time limit.
- Setting the time limit to 0 is a misconfiguration, as it doesn't make any sense to count posts/threads in 0 hours. In this case the permission setup is ignored and the user is allowed to post.
- Setting the number of posts/theads to 0 means no posts/no threads. The time limit setting is ignored in this case.
- Setting both time limit and number of posts/threads to positive numbers works as before - allowing X threads/posts in Y hours.

These cases are followed in the order listed here, with the first matching deciding the final result.

You can see the demo here -

To update the add-on you need to re-upload product files from the upload folder and import the XML file from the package.
Implements an option to specify node IDs, where the limits should be considered based on number of threads/posts in the current forum. The default behavior is to count the threads and posts in all forums.
Fixes the bug reported regarding the product not working with the permissions being set to Unlimited