+ Added: Compatibility with WooCommerce 9.0.0-rc1
- Fixed: Merge css feature not working with Porto Elementor templates builders
- Fixed: get_metadata db errors when using Full Site Editing mode
- Fixed: "Sticky Add To Cart" widget's position issue when using two same widgets in the single product builder
- Fixed: minor php deprecated issues
- Fixed: minor php warnings in style.php
- Dev: Added the "porto_elementor_load_builder_widgets" filter to check the registration of builder widgets
+ Added: Latest Slider Revolution 6.7.10
- Fixed: Issue which subcategories of search form aren't displayed correctly
- Updated: Language Files
+ Added: Compatibility with WordPress 6.5.2
+ Added: Compatibility with WooCommerce 8.8.3
+ Added: Compatibility with Elementor 3.21.4
- Fixed: Backward compatibility issue with Post Type Builder below WP 6.5
+ Added: WooCommerce 8.8 Compatibility
+ Added: WPBakery Page Builder 7.6
+ Added: Slider Revolution 6.7.2
- Updated: Language files
- Updated: To create cart and checkout pages using shortcodes by default
- Fixed: Post Type builder preview width wasn't working well
- Fixed: Gutenberg cart, checkout page price font size
- Fixed: Issue which payment image is not displayed properly on checkout page
+ Added: WordPress 6.5 RC Compatibility
+ Added: WooCommerce 8.7 RC Compatibility
- Fixed: Overlay background option issue of Interactive Banner
- Updated: Language files
- Updated: WooCommerce Templates
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+ Added: WPBakery 7.5 Compatibility
+ Added: Elementor 3.19.3 Compatibility
- Fixed: Issue which Elementor widgets aren't shown on panel
- Fixed: Issue which porto settings don't save properly due to ajax error on redux panel
- Updated: Language files
+ Added: Compatibility with WooCommerce 8.5.0.
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- Fixed: Issue which Yoast Seo first-time configuration doesn't work for SEO Data Optimization
- Fixed: SQL Injection Vulnerability Issue
- Fixed: Broken Access Control Vulnerability Issue

+ Added: WPBakery 7.2 to package
- Fixed: Live search php 8.2 issue
- Fixed: Issue which search candidate shows twice on live search
- Fixed: Issue which REST API ajax doesn't work in terms of live search
- Fixed: Issue which pages exclude homepage don't show the icon correctly
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+ Added: Alpus AI Review Engine 2.0
Implement to Shop Demo 4, Shop Demo 45, Shop Demo 46
+ Added: WPBakery Creative Agency 2
+ Added: Elementor Creative Agency 2
+ Added: WPBakery Creative Agency 1
+ Added: Elementor Creative Agency 1
+ Added: WPBakery Personal Portfolio 2
+ Added: Elementor Personal Portfolio 2
+ Added: WPBakery Personal Portfolio 3
+ Added: Elementor Personal Portfolio 3
+ Added: Animations page
+ Added: Reveal with background effect on Button, Image Widget
+ Added: Reveal effect to Button, Featured image widget on Type Builder widget
+ Added: Carousel page
+ Added: Product category page
+ Added: History page
+ Added: Shop page with product category on page header
+ Added: 20+ Porto Studio blocks for new demos of Shop 45, Shop 46
+ Added: WordPress 6.4 Compatibility
+ Added: WooCommerce 8.2 Compatibility
+ Added: Elementor 3.17 Compatibility

+ Added: Split JS for improving the performance
Split shop-ajax js file
Split footer reveal js file
Split lazyload menu js file
Split circular bar js file
Split YITH Compare js file
Split loading overlay js file
Split member async js file
Split portfolio async js file
Split post ajax modal js file
Split sort filters js file
Split video api js file
Split wc widget js file
+ Added: Split CSS for improving the performance
+ Added: Split the _portfolio.scss
+ Added: Split the _event.scss
+ Added: Split the _member.scss
+ Added: Content floating function of Featured Image widget on Type Builder
+ Added: New Product Type ( Floating Content )
+ Added: New Product Layout ( Scatted Layout )
+ Added: New Product Layout ( Video Thumbnail )
+ Added: New Product Layout ( 360 Degree )
+ Added: 360 degree feature on single product
+ Added: Loading transition for shop filter or posts grid ajax
+ Added: UX of template builder on theme options
+ Added: Transition for product image
+ Added: Transition for featured image in Post Type Builder
+ Added: Autocomplete post ids on Porto Posts grid

- Updated: Landing and Shortcodes Mega menu update
- Updated: 18 Shop Demos to Full Site Editing
Shop Demo 5
Shop Demo 7
Shop Demo 9
Shop Demo 11
Shop Demo 12
Shop Demo 13
Shop Demo 15
Shop Demo 17
Shop Demo 18
Shop Demo 26
Shop Demo 29
Shop Demo 31
Shop Demo 33
Shop Demo 35
Shop Demo 37
Shop Demo 38
Shop Demo 39
Shop Demo 41

- Updated: Categories, Products mega menu of Shop demos
- Updated: To hover of toggle menu like shop35
- Updated: Search result page in terms of 'All' of post type
- Updated: Calculation of submenu position on Mega Menu
- Updated: WooCommerce form tracking design template
- Updated: Search Engine of Theme Options
- Updated: WPBakery main toggle menu widget
- Updated: label of theme options
- Updated: Deprecated the twitter widget
- Updated: Footer of demos instead of twitter feed widget
- Updated: Menu documentation
- Updated: Support documentation
- Updated: Order Tracking template
- Updated: To show aligned middle in popup menu type
- Updated: Ajax posts per page to 35
- Updated: Font Awesome Optimized Icon
- Updated: WooCommerce Template files
- Updated: Language File
- Updated: Removed the member widget on Full Site Editing Mode

- Fixed: Analytics database doesn't work well on Rank Math Seo ( Customer Issue )
- Fixed: Live search issue compatibility with YITH Point of Sale(POS) plugin ( Customer Issue )
- Fixed: Issue which Theme Option wishlist-color-inverse does not work well for compare plugin
- Fixed: Badge issue on Porto Patcher
- Fixed: Pre-order issue for variable products
- Fixed: Info box hover color issue
- Fixed: Demo import if DOMDocument doesn't exists
- Fixed: Class variable php issue for PHP 8.0
- Fixed: W3 validation issue of open graph meta tags with SEO Plugins
- Fixed: W3 validation issue of ultimate content box widget
- Fixed: Right sidebar works as left sidebar on mobile
- Fixed: Hover color of advanced button
- Fixed: Outline custom issue of button widget
- Fixed: Height issue of slide side menu widget(photography demo)
- Fixed: Product vertical thumb column issue
- Fixed: Shop 35 menu loading broken issue
- Fixed: Shop 46 merge css issue( css variable )
- Fixed: Bootstrap-optimize.js issue
- Fixed: responsive columns of carousel(576<768)
- Fixed: Playground auth session issue
- Fixed: Cutomer issue(pagination)
- Fixed: Shop3 Category Type Issue
- Fixed: Shop-Hidden Filters Type Issue
- Fixed: Porto Popover widget doesn't work well
- Fixed: Info box widget backward compatibility
- Fixed: Sticky sidebar toggle button issue on Theme Options