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xF1 Unmaintained [OpenFire] - LiveSearch 1.0.4b

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Compatible XF Versions
  1. 1.1
  2. 1.2
  3. 1.3
  4. 1.4
  5. 1.5
How To?
1 Step:
Enable LiveSearch
All Forum search:

2 Step:
Enable Open results in new tab
Header Content: <B><span style="color:#772307">LiveSearch</B>
Enable Deactivate LiveSearch Toggle

3 Step:
Maximum results change to 10 thread viewing.


Im proud to present you LiveSearch for XenForo.

This addon adds a little searchbox below your top breadcrumbs, where your users can enter search terms and results are getting displayed realtime.

  • Toggle display of the results with a button
  • Set maximum height of result listing
  • Set maximum results to display
  • Choose if displaying new or old threads first (based on posting date)
  • Include / Exclude deleted threads
  • Include / Exclude moderated threads
  • Open Search Results in a new tab
  • Optional "Breathing Effect"
  • Moving to custom locations (requires some work on your side!)
  • Fully Responsive
  • Upload the contents of the upload folder to your board root
  • Import the XML in admin panel

After installation go to options and configure all how you want it to be.

At the "Forum Id" options, enter an existing Id of a forum node, this is a little workaround which will vanish in the next updates :)
Examples for the Id to enter: main.2, support.3, 4, 5 ...
only enter one!

Working on 1.1.5 or news later.

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