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This add-on introduces a Best Answer feature.

There are 2 options for how best answers are chosen, which can be set in the admin control panel:
  • The thread creator chooses the best answer.
  • The community chooses the best answer: Any user can vote for a single post in a thread to be the best answer, and the post with the highest amount of votes is automatically set as the best answer. It is also possible to set a different voting power for each usergroup, so, for instance, you can make it so a moderator's vote is worth 3 times more than a regular user's vote.

The selected best answer is distinguished by a "Best Answer" ribbon and a custom background color.

There are also 2 options for displaying the best answer right after the first post, to make it approachable:
  • The best answer can be embedded in the first post.
  • It can be linked to from under the first post. It is also possible to show alternative answers under the first posts, i.e. posts that have received some votes, but not the most.

You can optionally enable the feature only in specific forums and set which usergroups can use the feature, and which usergroups can mark any post as best answer, using the permissions system.

It's also possible to allow the best answer functionality based on a thread prefix. For example, you can make it so that best answer can be selected only in threads with the "Question" prefix.

You can easily customize the look of the Best Answer ribbon and the background color of a best answer using the style properties.

Some other features include:
  • Integration with trophies and user group promotions (i.e. "has at least X best answers" criterion).
  • When using the votes based best answer, it's possible to set a minimum number of votes in order for a post to be considered a the best answer.
  • Alert on post marked as best answer.
  • Best Answers tab in the user profile.
  • Ability to filter threads by their state (Answered/Unanswered only) in the thread display options.

  1. Upload the contents of the upload folder to your XenForo installation directory.
  2. Import addon-BestAnswer.xml via your Admin Control Panel.
  3. By default, the Best Answer feature is disabled in all forums. You have to specify the forums you'd like to enable it in through the addon's options page.
  4. Enable the "Can mark as best answer" permissions for the Registered usergroup, and set its voting power in case you've selected the voting based selection of best answer. You can also enable the "Can mark any post as best answer" for moderators.

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