Geoblock Registration

xF2 Add-on Geoblock Registration 1.2.1

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This update only contains the latest composer dependencies, there has been no change to the addon code. Upgrading is optional.
  • bugfix: don't try to uppercase a null iso_code
  • php 8 compatibility fix: don't set a default parameter before non-default subsequent parameters
  • slight re-arrange to order of code logic for EU checking - no point checking anything related to EU blocking if we don't have EU blocking enabled
  • rename table to xf_geoblock_cache to adhere to resource standards
  • addon now requires php 7+
  • explicitly check for phar extension on install
  • add legacy upgrade from XF 1.5 to Setup
  • bugfix: wrong link to database update tool in test tool error message
No new functionality included in this release - just some code cleanup and unit testing. No need to upgrade from v1.1.1

  • check that vendor folder exists to prevent breaking forum if we somehow didn't run composer install
  • latest vendor dependencies
  • use mock mmdb database for unit testing testing
  • make subcontainer more testable by allowing paths to be replaced at runtime
  • verified compatibility with XF 2.2
  • bugfix - was using hard coded URL components rather than class properties