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Do you use page nodes for important content?
Do these page nodes show up when you use your website's search feature?

Chances are they probably don't unless you very recently published them and if they do, maybe they are not as high up in the results as you would like (considering they are most likely pretty important pages).

Why is this?
XenForo indexes a page node based upon the date the page was first published, instead of when it was last updated. There is also no way to give page nodes precedence or give extra weighting to page nodes in searches so your important content won't be seen as that important by the xenforo search.

What this Addon does to overcome these limitations
This add-on overrides native xenforo functionality and will index page nodes in the search index based upon the date the page was last updated. This is important if you want recently updated pages to have their date updated in the search index and thus be considered more relevant when using date-weighting.

Do you want some page nodes to ALWAYS be given priority?
This mod gives page nodes a new checkbox setting:
Always treat this page as fresh?

If you enable this on a page node then a cron task automatically updates the page's search entry every 6 hours and freshens the date (in the index only). This option is especially useful for forum owners who have important content in pages and wish those to be given priority in searches.

Extra Features
  • Search results that show page node results now use the date last updated instead of when the page was first published.
  • Pages with the option "Log and count visits to this page" selected will show the date last updated on the page itself instead of when it was first published.
  • Unzip the addon
  • Upload the contents of the upload folder
  • Install the add on .xml file through the admin area
  • Optional:: Rebuild the cache for page types. This will index all pages by the date last updated. If this step is not done then you can reindex each page individually by saving it.
  • Optional:: You can set a page node to always be considered fresh! Just edit a page node... you'll see the option there
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