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What is this:
By default VB4 sidebar will be shown only on forum home page. This mod Will display the Sidebar everywhere in the forum. This mod assumes that you already set your sidebar block from "forum blocks manager".

Current Version:
1.5.3 (Free)
2.2.13 (Gold)

Features :
  • Add ESB to Blog (Gold version only).
  • Option to set ESB in blog sidebar (Gold version only).
  • Option to replace blog sidebar by ESB (Gold version only).
  • Option to set blog sidebar width (Gold version only).
  • Show sidebar in the vbcms pages (Gold version only).
  • Rotating Ad system included in the sidebar (Gold version only).
  • Filter Block by usergroups (Gold version only).
  • More options with advance settings of the sidebar (Gold version only).
  • No backlink to our website (Gold version only).
  • The sidebar will be displayed everywhere in the forum.
  • With more than 20 setting you can enable and disable sidebar very easily on any any page.
  • You can hide sidebar in the excluded forums mod options.
  • You can show sidebar for all or show it for non members.
  • Now you don't have to enable sidebar from option. Enabling this mod will enable sidebar everywhere. But you need to set sidebar blocks from "forum blocks manager".
  • All previous bugs have been fixed.
  • The ability to exclude certain usergroups.
  • The ability to turn sidebar off for certain forum styles.
  • The ability to place the side bar on custom pages.
  • The ability to control displaying sidebar when forum is closed.
  • The ability to set different blocks for different forums [ver 1.2].
  • Don't Allow sidebar to be collapsed and force it to be always visible[ver 1.3]. To enable this you need to set "Don't hide ESB switch" from mod options to yes.
  • In 1.3.3 you have ability to exclude groups from the above feature that is to be always visible. So that the excluded group members will be able to collapse ESB.
  • In 1.3.4 the vertical collapse button is removed and blocks is forced to by expanded if "Don't hide ESB switch" is set to yes as requested in this post
  • In 1.4.1 pl1 custom html/php block bug and some other bugs were fixed.
  • In 1.4.3 you can set sidebar width and sidebar button top alignment from mod options.

Requested Features [ To Do ] :
  • -

Mod requirements:
  • The mod is tested on default vb style with no other mods. So we gurantee that mod will work on the default vb style with no conflict with other mod.
  • As a courtesy we may make minor fix so the plugin works on styles other than the default but we are not hold to it.

1. Download plugin.
Only free ver:If you are using vb4.1.11 or above download the "cssrollup_everywhere_sidebar.xml" and upload "cssrollup_everywhere_sidebar.xml" to /includes/xml directory.

2. Login to your vBulletin admincp.

3. Open "Plugins & Products", and go to "Manage Products".

4. Click on "[Add/Import Product]".

5. Import the product-everywhere_sidebar_xxx.xml file that you download. Make sure you set "allow overwrite" to "yes".
Only free ver:Also if you are updating the product you need to disable then enable (or even un-install then install) the product to let the product knows about the "cssrollup_everywhere_sidebar.xml".

Optional steps for setting different blocks for different forums and pages:

6. Go to mod options
Admincp->Settings->options->EveryWhere Sidebar (ESB) options

7. Go down until you see "Block Configuration Switch" check "yes" and save.

8. Go to you forum home you will see all your blocks even the empty ones with blockid below each blcok as in this picture.

9. Any block you want to hide add its block id with colon on "Filter Blocks by forums" or "Filter Blocks by page" text box in the mod options. For example to hide block_html_7 on all forums except forum id 1 and 2 we will add this "block_html_7:1,2" without qoutes to "Filter Blocks by forums"box; and to hide it in all other pages except faq and calendar we will add this "block_html_7:faq,calendar" without qoutes to "Filter Blocks by pages" box. See picture below

10 To hide inactive blocks and blockid title for admins set back "Block Configuration Switch" to "No" and save

Optional step to force sidebar to be always visible and hide collapse button :

11. Go to mod options
Admincp->Settings->options->EveryWhere Sidebar (ESB) options

12. Set "Don't hide ESB switch" to "yes" and save.

Optional steps for Translation install:
Download the german translation from here
To import the German translation goes as follows:
Admincp => Languages & Phrases download => Languages / upload => Click on "EITHER upload the XML file from your computer" click Browse and select the translation from => at "Language Override chooses her German => Import => Done

Optional steps for vBadvanced:(Not supported)
This thread is created by qG ThaLiX, he asked then he answers his question intersting thread. I don't have vBadvanced but it seams it is working from the replies.

Instructions for custom pages:

Please note: You don't need this unless you are planning to show sidebar on cutom pages.

1. First enable showing sidebar for custom pages from mod options.

2. Open your custom template search for

{vb:raw navbar}

add below

{vb:raw sidebaropen}

search for

{vb:raw footer}

add above

{vb:raw sidebarext}


3. Open custom page php file and before the render line "$templater->render();" add

$templater->register('sidebarext', $sidebarext); 
$templater->register('sidebaropen', $sidebaropen);

assuming you are using $templater as variable change it as required

save and upload you php file

4. You are done

How To Add Blocks To Sidebar:
From your admincp click on "Forums & Moderators" then click "Forum Blocks Manager". Hit "Add Block" you will see a dropdown list of block types. Select the type of block you want and hit continue. Now set your block and save. You are done and this new block should be shown on your sidebar.

To Fix Quickreply width:
If you have the problem of quickreply coming to wide please use Mike instructions to fix Forum bug:

1. Open editor.css and find

editor_textbox[/COLOR][COLOR=#007700].[/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]quickreply textarea [/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]{ 
.[/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]editor_textbox[/COLOR][COLOR=#007700].[/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]quickreply iframe [/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]{ 

2. Change it to

[COLOR=#007700].[/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]editor_textbox textarea [/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]{ 
.[/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]quickreply textarea [/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]{ 
		[/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]width[/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]: [/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]80[/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]%; 
.[/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]editor_textbox[/COLOR][COLOR=#007700].[/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]quickreply iframe [/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]{ 

To Adjust sidebar top level:

form admincp

open forumhome.css in the style you want to change or use the master style to effect all styles

change the padding size for #sidebar_container as you wish
padding:50px 0;
Note:In the new vb versions sidebar css has been moved from forumhome.css to separate file called sidebar.css
Most asked question:

Q:I've installed your sidebar mod and it works fine except on the forumhome! The sidebar is showing at the bottom of the page. Any idea how to fix it?

A:It is either due to one of these:
1. you are using a custom style that is changing the forumhome look.
2. You are using a nother mod that is changing the content of froumhome before this ESB.

ESB needs to see this in forumhomePHP Code:

<div id="pagetitle">

So to tix this problem you either need to make sure thatPHP Code:

<div id="pagetitle">

exist in the correct location or change ESB forumhome plugin to search for a new phrase.

for the latest version 1.4.1+ it looks for

{vb:raw navbar}


{vb:raw footer}

so if you are setting new style make sure not to remove or changePHP Code:

{vb:raw navbar}


{vb:raw footer}
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