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xF1 Add-on Email Customizer 1.0.2

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Compatible XF Versions
  1. 1.5
Additional Requirements: PHP 5.3.6 or newer

This add-on allows you to customize XenForo's HTML email messages.

With this add-on you can:
- Match email layout to XenForo style.
- Import/export custom email layouts.
- Customize email layout. You can add your logo or additional text, change style of each element.

Add-on is very easy to install and configure.

Matching email style to XenForo style.

Add-on can create email style that matches your XenForo style as close as possible. Note that email layout and forum layout are completely different, so layout might need further editing.

Examples of imported styles:

Editing email style.

You can customize email style in admin panel. Editor looks similar to style properties editor, but with more advanced navigation.

Live preview shows what topic reply notification looks like with your settings. Why topic reply notification? Because it is the most complex email layout that exists in XenForo. Topic reply includes all elements that other email template have + user profile and BBCode blocks.

In beta version editor is very basic. It uses simple textarea inputs for content. Proper editor is in development.

Screenshots of editor are available below admin panel features list.

Admin panel features.

Main page shows list of available email styles. You can switch default style or disable email customizer. You can edit each style, preview, export or delete it.

Export function will save style as XML file that you can import on any other forum.

Screenshots of admin panel:


This add-on is currently available as free beta. When beta phase is over, add-on will be available in 2 versions:
- Free trial version
- Premium commercial version

Beta and trial versions of add-on are for testing and evaluation only. Even though evaluation period is not defined, if you would like to continue using add-on after evaluation you must purchase premium license. More details will be added later.


Add-on requires:
- XenForo 1.5
- PHP 5.3.6 or newer version
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Latest updates

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