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VB4 eCommerce for vB4.2.2+ 1.8.4 Nulled

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vB Version: 4.2.2 Rating: (8 votes - 4.88 average) Installs: 15
Released: 08 Jan 2015 Last Update: Today Downloads: 105
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The complete eCommerce solution for vBulletin 4.2.2+
Supports Downloadable Products, Physical Products, Subscriptions, Services
Fully compatible with EU directive for collecting EU VAT from EU Citizens

eCommerce is a fully featured Shopping Cart for vBulletin 4.x, with support for Downloadable & Pysical Products, Subscriptions and Services, without missing any feature even from commercial scripts. Installation is very easy, you just need sometime for the initial configuration. Last but not least eCommerce is currently the only cart available for vB4 which supports EU VAT to fullfill with EU directive for online sales (valid since Jan 1st, 2015). Going one step ahead it auto validates Business EU VAT id to exclude them of paying VAT.


Since version 1.6.1 there is also a PRO version available. Like most other mods here. The only difference is that the PRO version is still 100% Free but available for download only in my site. Other than this, the version here should be always available for download and updated for any reported bug.



Report any Bug only on the link above. Reporting Bugs here will be ignored. This thread should be ONLY for questions. Thank you.
eCommerce is an update of microCART, with fixed all bugs that I found, many design issues corrected, and some new features added (the most important is the support for EU VAT). I decided to release a new product with different name as microCART had 2 versions (Lite and Pro) and I wanted to avoid system mess. Please note that I've the rights to release this addon. Actually the original code was mine.

1.- Highlights

Supports Downloadable products
Supports Physical products too!!
Supports Subscriptions (Even Reccuring)
Supports Services
Ability to upgrade usergroup per product
Unlimited depth levels of categories
Unlimited Products
Supports Renewals
Ability to Add Orders manually
Accept payments with PayPal, 2CO & ccBill (Credits for ccBill to kastak)
Supports AddOns
Support Product Option to Increase/Decrease the price
Unlimited Screenshoots per product
Unlimited Files per product, so the customers can download previous versions
Unlimited Agreements
Customers (and only those who have bought that product) can rate and review it.
Admin can turn On/Off the Reviews per product
Uses HTML Editor.
Unlimited Tax levels.
Shipping Zones with unlimited shipping choices per zone.
Supports Delivery locations (unlimited depth, eg Country, State, Area with different setup for Tax and Shipping per category.
Collect Customer details at Checkout.
Auto Tax calculation.
Auto Shipping calculation.
Supports PDF Invoice creation.
Since version 1.5.0 supports Donations with many featured
New in ver.1.6.0: Donation Form Generator for auto include in Forum sidebar or get the code and add it to any HTML page even in different website.

2.- Installation

Download and unzip file
Upload all the files in your site keeping the same structure. eg cart.php must be on the same level as your forum.php
CMOD 777 the directories:
Login to your admincp and import product-microcart.xml

3.- Configuration

First of all you need to setup eCommerce General Options. The most important option is to set the path to the directory where you'll store the files. For security reasons you must create a directory over the public area. Then write the full path in the options. Don't forget the trailing slash at the end. Example:
Setup Usergroup permissions. Available options are:
Can access the store
Can order
Can Moderate (for furthure use)
Setup Categories and Subcategories for your store.
Setup your Agreements (at least one)
Setup Taxes. Please note that since Jan 1st, 2015, you must collect EU VAT from your EU Clients even if your store is locating outside EU. If you follow this directive or not is not my problem.
Setup Locations and assign them Tax and Shipping (but offcourse you can let them to None).
Start adding products but from AddOns and Services. It will helps you to save time, as when at a later time you add a main product, you can choose the addons.

4.- Product Options (Configurations)

eCommerce supports configurable options. Not just simple text choices, but options that can increase/decrease the total price. That's why you need to pay extra attention on entering these options to avoid pricing mess.

First of all, you can find these options as "Extra Options" on the droplist on the right of each product (AdminCP). By choosing it you'll get a list of all available configurable options for the specific product. You can Edit and Delete it, or you can change the display order. Click "New Extra Option" to add one.

There is no need for explanation of title. Write there anything that you want. Examples of configuration options are: Color, Size, Ram, Hard disk etc. So let's write Size. In the box below you must add all the available options keeping the format:


0|Normal : This option dosen't changes the product's price and it will appears as: Normal
15.30|Large : This option increases the price by 15.30 and it will appears as: Large (+$15.30) ... The currency symbol is the one that you've setup. DON'T NEED TO ENTER CURRENCY SYMBOL HERE
-7.50|Mini : This option decreases the price by 7.50 and it will appears as: Mini (-$7.50). ONCE MORE: DONT ADD CURRENCY SYMBOL.

5.- Product Terminology

Price: Is the normal price that you're selling a product (eg 49.95)
Discount: Is the amount that you're giving as discount. eg if you place 4.95 here the price will appear as $49.95 $45.00
AddOns. Are products that someone can order in the same form (eg Installation, Brand Free etc).

6.- Understanding Shipping Zones

To understand Shipping fields (Base weight, Base fare, Extra weight, Extra fare), you must know how the companies (at least the most of them) are working. They're saying: Till 3 kilos the rate is $15. More than 3 kilos you must add $3 per 500gr (1/2 kilos). In this example you must setup:

Base weight 3000 (in grammars) or 3 (in kilos)
Base fare 15.00
Extra weight 500 (in grammars) or 0.5 (in kilos)
Extra fare 3.00
Please note to use the same as the definied in the general option weight unit. Setting in options kgr and here grammars is the best way to mess your shop.

7.- SEO Friendly URLs

eCommerce supports htaccess type SEO friendly URLs. The types are:

store/1/my-category/ For Categories
product/1/my-product/ For Products

If you want to enable them:

Upload .htaccess file to your forum directory
If you already have a .htaccess file in your installation add the 2 lines belon on it.
Enable SEO URLs in admincp-> eCommerce-> General Options


RewriteRule ^store/([^/]*)/ ./cart.php?do=main&catid=$1 [L,NC]
RewriteRule ^product/([^/]*)/ ./cart.php?do=viewproduct&productid=$1 [L,NC]


You can change the words store and product with your own but in this case you must change the words in the product options.
If you've the default .htaccess file that comes with vBulletin you need to add these 2 lines at the top, just after the line: RewriteEngine on

8.- Friedly notes

Please let my copyright link in place. Thank you.

updated Feb 2015

updated july 2015

Mod Version: 2.1.2
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