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DownloadsII is a download database that integrates into vBulletin. It allows you to upload files, add images to them, create categories, link to external files - and more. It is very flexible and has many options.

It's also coded 100% XHTML 1.0 Transitional valid, just like vBulletin itself.

Instructions & Support

Requires vBulletin 4.0.4 or higher. Not fully compatible with lower vB 4 versions.
It works fine with both the new editor in vB 4.1.4 or higher and the old one in previous vB versions.

Read the instructions in the next two posts before installing/upgrading this mod!

You can find an installation/upgrade manual in the zip package (Readme.txt).

I try to answer most questions asked in this thread. Please don't send any pm's if I don't ask for them. Don't forget to click the install link, so you will receive important update notifications.

Screenshots & Live demo

At the bottom of this post, you can find some screenshots of the front-end and back-end (AdminCP part) of the DownloadsII software.

You can find a live demo on my own site: Downloads (Dutch).

Changelog (version 6.0.9)


Added support for vB 4.1.8 bit processing with 'each' construct (backwards compatible)
Fixed comma listing for vB 4.1.8 (using "old" method)

Older changelogs are included in the zip package.

Help!!! I can't upload large files??

This is probably the most asked question. It's mostly caused by some default PHP settings: check "PHP Max Post Size" and "PHP Maximum Upload Size" at your AdminCP home.

Then have a look at this post for the solution to up these values.
Also have a look at this post at (but ignore the MySQL part as DownloadsII is only using the file system).
Though keep in mind that we are running a restyled and modified version of it.


There are currently no official add-ons. Unofficial add-ons are listed below.

DownloadsII - Releases Box
Forum block - latest files from downloads II
CMS Widget - Most popular files from downloads II (1.3)
CMS Widget - Latest files added to downloads II (1.4)
Unit Converter for DownloadsII
DownloadsII Create New Thread Add-On [vB4]
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