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Major Features:

Modular Game Handling: Currently supports games from pnflash, ibproarcade, v3arcade, mochi, (plus armor, kongregate, flashgamedistribution, spilgames in pro) and more can be added with a single file.

Access and Score Tools: Set exactly when users can play certain games, and for how often. Archive extra or old scores to allow room for new champions.

Social and Global: Not only can games be sent to all the major social networks, but participating sites can rank their scores together and display champions everywhere.

Beautiful Modern Design: Streamlined and professional, using AJAX to enhance and simplify the playing experience, like searching, replays, full screen and cinema mode, and category tabs.

Fast Paced Competition: Ultimate tournament system that rewards fast players while mitigating no-shows, allowing all your matches to finish strong, and everyone has fun.


Friendly Challenges
  • Automatic 1 round tournament of 2 players, with preset config
  • Initiated from simple username prompt, while playing a game
  • Can disable certain games from eligibility
  • Auto-pruned if either player declines invitation

"Most Trophies" Module
  • Lists top 3 players and how many trophies they hold
  • Displays avatar and link to member profile
  • Displays username if avatars are turned off
  • "Show Avatars" module configuration
  • Respects user's choice to hide avatars if applicable

"Longest Players" Module
  • Lists top 3 players and how long they've played
  • Displays avatar and link to member profile
  • Displays username if avatars are turned off
  • "Show Avatars" module configuration
  • "Maximum Players to Show" module configuration
  • Respects user's choice to hide avatars if applicable

"You Might Like" Module
  • Displays a semi-random game similar to existing one
  • Fetches random game from the same category if one exists
  • "Show Game Icon" module configuration

Global Scoring Integration
  • Synchronises scoring with the Global Scoring system
  • Displays Global Champion if enabled

  • Add / Edit comments for your scores on games
  • AJAX-powered

Score Alerts
  • Receive Email and/or PM notifications when your score is beaten
  • Respects vBulletin's notification settings
  • Contains link to the game for quick play

Score Tracking
  • latest and champion scores
  • most winners and longest players
  • average scores, plays and playtime
  • yourself and locally
  • local rankings

General / Other
  • Modern streamlined appearance with AJAX for replay and searching
  • Tweet, Like, Pin, or +1 a game
  • Easy game resizing
  • Ajax ratings
  • Set descriptions, instructions, controls, keywords - even authors and copyrights
  • Assign games to multiple categories - with icons descriptions
  • Manually or one-button mass install games from any source
  • existing arcade installation (plus scores and settings): ibProArcade, v3 Arcade
  • package upload or ftp directory: pnFlash, ibProArcade v3 Arcade, Mochi
  • featured games feed: Mochi
  • Obtain local scores from supported APIs: ibProArcade, v3 Arcade, pnFlash, Mochi
  • Use time played as backup score when unsupported
  • Retrieve scores from global network of participating sites
  • See global champions with links
  • Automatically archive old or duplicate scores

Additional Features (Pro)

  • Any local scoring game, with unique titles and descriptions
  • Shown as a detailed horizontal tree, while playing the game
  • Auto-prune tournaments that don't reach minimum players
  • Convert related settings from other arcades
  • Invite/Reminder Email/PM alerts, with notifications
  • Invite specific users and/or allow specific usergroups to join
  • Optionally auto-confirm all invited players to begin immediately
  • Create recurring tournaments and optionally rematch players
  • Optional privacy hides tournaments from nonparticipants
  • Track all matches, with results and standings, from admincp
  • Easily search, sort, begin, clone, mass delete from admincp
  • Optionally disallow practicing a game a player is competing in

Tournament Matches
  • Each tournament sets number of play attempts per match
  • Active match highlighted, with clear status messages
  • Playing all attempts optional, can be manually forfeit/completed
  • Enforced time limit per match, or automatically forfeit/completed
  • Notifications throughout, or optional reminder Email/PM alert
  • Remaining attempts shown with live countdown for time limit
  • Select between best, latest, or average attempt as match score
  • Optionally hide scores until match is completed
  • Match ties broken by first player who reached that score
  • Replays automatically switch to the relevant match with AJAX
  • Random player chosen to advance in a double forfeit
  • Fast players can advance to future rounds and pair up early
  • Optionally count tournament scores towards regular leaderboards

  • vBArcade exclusive round-robin format
  • Every player matches every other player once
  • Player with the best win record at the end declared champion
  • Supports any number of players, including odd
  • Begins at end of tournament countdown, if minimum is met
  • Players paired sequentially, then randomly with unplayed players
  • Players can move to new opponent even if match not decided

  • Familiar multi-round format
  • Players pair up, winner of each match advances
  • Winner of the final round declared champion
  • Currently available up to 6 rounds (64 players)
  • Begins immediately on finally required player joining
  • Players who win their match can play next match prior to pairing

Score Alerts
  • Automatically create a new thread or post on highscore
  • Uses vBulletin APIs to insert the content
  • Works with vBulletin features like commenting

Category Passwords
  • Set passwords to your categories
  • AJAX input password before game list loads
  • No reloads necessary

General / Other
  • Submit your scores to the global network for global display
  • Play games from Spil Games, FlashGameDistribution, Armor and Kongregate
  • Get local scoring support from GamerSafe games
  • Show off the legacy champion even if you archived all scores
  • Cinema mode darkens the screen while you play
  • Mark games on your personal favorites list
  • Retrieve and display global stats to compare
  • Get all of your scores ranked globally, with function to sync local scores
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