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DragonByte Forum Ads is an advanced advertising solution that allows you to easily show visitors you have advertisements available, offer multiple ad campaign options including banners, keywords and more and maximise the revenue potential of your community. Full PayPal integration and automated features such as deactivating expired ad campaigns allows you to make money without expending extra effort.

Fully integrated with vBulletin's "Advertising" page, this mod allows you to make use of vBulletin's powerful advertisement criteria, without having to manually accept payments & manually add the ad code.

DragonByte Forum Ads allows you to offer your ad space on the forums at a price, letting potential advertisers submit their advertisements for consideration before they are asked to pay.

Major Features

Automatic Campaign Handling
When an advertisement campaign is paid for, it's automatically activated. Once its purchased impressions, clicks or days are used up, it's automatically deactivated.

PayPal integration
Supports PayPal for fast and easy transactions, even from credit card users (without the responsibility of storing & processing credit card data).

Powerful Admin Controls
Administrators have complete control over advertisement campaigns, requiring moderation for all campaigns before they are paid for to ensure you agree with all the content being displayed.

Over A Dozen Banner Locations
Archive - Above Content 1, Above Content 2, Below Content
Forum Home - After Forums, Below "What's Going On"
Forum Display - Below Threadlist
Thread Display - First Post Content, Last Post Content
Global - Header 1, Header 2, Below Navbar, Above Footer
Blog Sidebar - Sidebar 1, Sidebar 2, Sidebar 3
Blog Entry - Before Entry, After Entry
Blog List - First Entry

Powerful Keyword System
You can sell keyword replacements, allowing people to convert certain words into links to their sites. This can be especially useful if you're running a site discussing real products, allowing the product owners to quickly convert discussions into potential sales.

Complete Feature List


Payment Processors
  • Supports PayPal
  • Configure the description to display to your users when they checkout
  • Configure your Merchant ID (such as PayPal email address)
  • "Sandbox" Mode toggleable via vBulletin Options, for testing purposes

Banner Spaces
  • Integrate with one of vBulletin's built-in advertising locations
  • Configure the dimensions of the banner shown within this space
  • Choose how many rotations are available for this banner space
  • Set multiple banner spaces to the same advertising location to show the banners side-by-side
  • Configurable placeholder image
  • Placeholders and sold ads have anti-adblock code

  • Choose price type (keyword or banner space)
  • Choose the price per X impressions, clicks or days
  • Configure multiple price points for the same banner space or for keywords to encourage bigger purchases
  • Choose what banner space the price point belongs to
  • Configurable display order for display in the front-end shop

Sold Keywords
  • Add new keyword advertisement manually - give advertisement space as a gift!
  • Search sold keywords by active/expired, username, sold date (range), or specific keyword
  • Search results display a paginated list of keywords
  • Edit / Update / delete the keywords
  • Quickly view the transaction for the keyword, if any
  • Support for date-expiring ads even if they are also Clicks/Impressions limited

Sold Banners
  • Add new banner advertisement manually - give advertisement space as a gift!
  • Search sold banners by active/expired, username or sold date (range)
  • Search results display a paginated list of banners
  • Edit / Update / delete the banners
  • Quickly view the transaction for the banner, if any
  • Support for date-expiring ads even if they are also Clicks/Impressions limited

  • Search transactions by All, Valid (completed or reversed) Completed, Reversed, Pending or Refunded status, user name, amount spent, date range, ip address
  • Search results display a paginated list of transactions
  • View transaction info including a complete list of information received from the payment processor
  • Quickly view all transactions for the selected user

  • Repair integration with vBulletin advertisements
  • Rebuild keyword database for statistical purposes

  • Group multiple banner space / keyword configurations together in a handy package
  • Set a new price for the combined Package
  • Allows user to configure each package item individually
  • Visually attractive front-end display while buying

Custom Amounts
  • Ability to set a base price for 1 Click or 1 Impression
  • Allows users to choose how many Clicks or Impressions they wish to purchase
  • User configures and purchases like normal
  • Offers great flexibility in buying advertising

Purchase / Configure Pages
  • The Purchase page has been revamped, with a new tabbed interface!
  • Under the Banner Spaces tab there's now a visual indicator for where each banner will be shown
  • Clicking an ad space on the visual indicator shows only pricing options for that banner space
  • Sold out banner spaces display "SOLD OUT" in red
  • Each pricing option for the same banner space is grouped under the same header

  • Clicks & Impressions has a dedicated Statistics page per-banner / per-keyword
  • Summary of clicks or impressions stats above the Search form in the Customer area
  • Displays total clicks or impressions, unique IP addresses, date of first click or impression, date of last click or impression
  • Ability to click a button to receive an email report of the statistics
  • Displays the country of origin for users who clicked / viewed each content type
  • Fully browsable with pagination

  • "Checkmark" image in the Packages / Discounts display
  • Border around the ads & placeholders
  • Padding around the ads & placeholders
  • Background of the ads & placeholders
  • "Please Don't Use An Ad-blocker" image
  • "Your Ad Here" placeholder image

User / Usergroup Options
  • Usergroup permission: automatically approve keywords
  • Usergroup permission: automatically approve banners
  • Usergroup permission: automatically approve bids
  • User flag: automatically approve keywords
  • User flag: automatically approve banners
  • User flag: automatically approve bids


Multiple Currencies
  • Show prices in multiple currencies
  • Set a tax rate for purchases in currencies other than your home currency
  • Configurable exchange rate
  • Choose a "Primary Currency" that your prices will be based on

Price Bidding
  • Ability to make a price point up for bidding
  • Allows users to enter a bid and submit it for acceptance
  • Admin can accept or reject the bid from a link in an email
  • User receives email when their bid has been accepted or rejected
  • Rest of purchase process proceeds as normal

  • Group multiple package / banner space / keyword configurations together and provide a discount
  • Discount can be flat rate or % of the total price
  • Allows user to configure each package item individually
  • Visually attractive front-end display while buying
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