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This add-on provides selected user groups with the ability to Auto Reply to conversation messages with custom replies that only get posted when certain rules (criteria) are met.
While Conversation Essentials already has a limited Auto Response feature, this add-on provides much more control over when a reply should be posted and even allows multiple replies.

Once purchased, you are entitled to use this add-on on one (1) XenForo installation only and it may not be resold, redistributed, or copied in whole or in part. Payment by PayPal only.
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Feature List:
  • No branding copyright text.
  • Rules. Set of rules that when met a reply will automatically be inserted into the conversation for you. This auto reply will only be used once per conversation.
  • Priority value. When rules of two or more Auto Replies match, only the reply from the one with the highest priority value will be posted. If the conversation receives further replies, other Auto Replies you've created may also reply to the same conversation. Option must be enabled via ACP.
  • Limit to new conversations only. When checked, your reply will only be sent when someone starts a new conversation with you and not when you receive replies to existing conversations.
  • Reset replied flag. Ability to reset the flag that prevents duplicate auto replies in a single conversation. This is useful when the Auto Reply is reactivated or the reply message is changed.
  • Multiple (different) replies per conversation. By default only one Auto Reply, the one with the highest priority, will be displayed per conversation. This option allows additional Auto Replies, that also match the conversation message reply rules, to be displayed whenever further messages are received to the same conversation. Option must be enabled via ACP.
  • Ability to display the Auto Reply form as tabs splitting the information into three sections: Options, Rules, and Message.
  • This add-on does not alter any XenForo MySQL tables, which means it can easily be installed on large boards.
Available Rules:
  • Any or All. Any or All of the selected rules must be met in order for the Auto Reply to work. In addition, the conversation must be open to replies, you must not have left it permanently, and you must not be ignoring the sender of the conversation message.
  • Conversation message is received after certain date. Start Date for the auto reply when ALL rules must be matched.
  • Conversation message is received before certain date. End Date for the auto reply when ALL rules must be matched.
  • I've not logged-in for this many days. Only reply if I've been away from the forum for X number of days.
  • Sender is someone whom I follow (or not). Sender must be on my following list.
  • Sender is someone who is following me (or not). I must be on the sender's following list.
  • Sender's name. Must be a specific username.
  • Sender's user group. Sender must belong to (or not) certain user groups. This option may be limited to Admins and Mods only if desired.
  • Conversation starter's name. Conversation was started by a specific username.
  • Conversation ID. Conversation must match (or not) a specific ID number.
  • Title and Message match - Simple or Regular Expression. Conversation title and/or message may be checked for specific text. This may be done via a simple word comparison or via regular expression (regex). You may strip the messages BB Code and/or Quotes before checking for the text (this allows you to ignore certain portions of the message such as quoted text, spoilers, and code blocks). Regular expression match may be limited to Admins and Mods only if desired.
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