Brivium - Facebook Group to XenForo

xF1 Add-on Brivium - Facebook Group to XenForo 1.3.0

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- Added option use the default avatar of Xenforo and self-defined username when importing.
- Added option allow separate imports: posts, comments or all contents.
- Minor bug fixes.​
Real-time removal callback + license has been to nulled version.
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- Added time range option for importer.
- Fixed error on getting FB comments.
- Minor bug fixes.
- Fixed removed license / callback token domain.
Removal license + callback, Thanks to @MiRacLE ,

- Added get comments option for each Facebook group/page.
- Supported get image / media on Facebook post and comments.
- Fixed error on running cron entry.
- Performance improvements.
- Minor bug fixes.

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- Fixed bug on importing image from Facebook.
- Minor bug fixes.