Script BeLink 3.0.3 Nulled

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  • new: click report can now be filtered by country and can display cities in geo chart
  • new: added an option to show branding logo on biolink pages
  • new: added two factor authentication support
  • new: users can now be suspended/baned from admin area
  • new: added full size social login buttons as an option in login and register pages
  • new: it's now possible to prevent emails from certain domains from registering new accounts
  • new: added active sessions panel in account settings page
  • new: Improved responsiveness of all tables across the site.
  • new: added "stop_on_error" option to batch link shortening API method.
  • fix: some drag and drop issues
  • fix: last week option in date picker
  • fix: savings calculation in pricing page
  • fix: role names not being translatable
  • fix: prevent admin user from being deleted
  • fix: clicks not being logged properly when queue driver is set to redis
  • fix: somes linkedin links not passing validation
  • fix: wrong site url sometimes being set during installation
  • fix: google tag manager snippet not being inserted correctly sometimes
  • fix: external link not working when added in 'auth-dropdown' position via menu manager
  • fix: some visual issues on checkout page
  • fix: light theme still being default, event if dark theme is selected in settings page
  • fix: hide theme change button if theme changing is disabled in settings page

Bug Fixes​

  • Hide workspace selector if user has no permission to create workspaces.
  • Fix logo sizing on email confirmation page.
  • Fix an issue with ads added in previous versions not working sometimes.
  • Invalid dates will no longer cause error pages to show.
  • Only show "Developers" menu item if user has "api.access" permission.
  • Fix incorrect url for tags page in admin area.
  • Fix a few spelling issues in biolink widget dialog.
  • Fixed a few responsive issues on mobile.
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