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xF1 Add-on Attachment Improvements By Xon 1.1.3

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  • Fix inserting recent attachments on click
  • Image dialog functionality improvements.
    • Allows selecting recent (image) attachments.
    • Can upload attachments.
    • Respects upload/attach permissions.

  • Improve width/height extraction
  • (optional) Rejection of invalid SVG with an error message.
  • Support for applying SVG restrictions to previous attachments via the deferred task.
  • Remove 'use' tag from the bad tag list (for now).
  • Workaround for attachment eTag being mangled into a weak eTag (Cloudflare has been seen to-do this).
  • Cleanup permissions on uninstall.
  • Set SVG thumbnail dimensions correctly.
  • Support SVG attachment thumbnail resizing.
Note; on installing this version the SVG Attachment Thumbnail resize operation will be started to correct any existing SVG attachments thumbnails to respect the thumbnail attachment dimensions.
Automatically uninstall old 'SVG Attachments' and 'XAR Attachments' add-ons.