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Last week, Waindigo released his own addon "NoForo"; which is a fantastic idea, and Waindigo did an excellent job implementing it. His mod completely eliminates forums, threads and posts from a XenForo installation; which results in much faster speeds for the framework. If that's what you are looking for, I recommend you give his product a try.

Why would you want a "forumless forum"? Digital Doctor said it best:
Digital Doctor said:
Forums aren't entirely useful if you want to Get Something Done / make useful information. They are for back and forth "chit chat". Over time, the information value of both threads and forums degrades. Information becomes hard to find. Forum searching is horrible across the board, so the information dies. Wikis aren't the solution ... they are sterile and boring and people don't contribute. The forumless forum solves these problems.​
For my uses though (or for the use of integration with my other mods), Waindigo's product is a bit of overkill. By destroying threads and posts, it would leave the thread integration functions of XenAtendo, XenCarta, XenMedio and XenPorta completely broken. In addition, it would make other addons which require thread integration simply not work. For instance, I know VaultWiki (when it comes out for XF) is a thread based wiki; it would be unusable without threads and posts.

So this mod doesn't do any of the fancy stuff and performance boosting that Waindigo's addon does. What I did was take the concept I'm using in an upcoming release of XenUtiles where I add the option to remove the members list and expand on it. Instead of eliminating the forums/threads/posts completely, it keeps it simple and only does 3 things:
  • Removes the forum index.
  • Removes the forum view.
  • Removes the forums navtab.
So in essence, this mod doesn't actually remove ANY functionality from the XenForo forum software; instead it simply hides the problematic forum listing and forum view systems. It keeps threads intact. Admins can still create forums, and addons can still create threads/posts. And if you set it so that only admins can create threads, you have no worries about worthless "chit chat" threads from forums.

Users can still post replies to threads; so if you use the thread integration from my mods, you can still have an active community and people can still contribute. And since threads/posts are still intact, the "What's New" feature still works. Users can also continue to "watch" threads. XenForo Pages also still exist so essentially this can turn your XenForo into a quasi-CMS.
erich37 said:
a forumless Forum with discussion-threads :cautious:
Got it (y):ROFLMAO:;)
Installing this addon REMOVES the "index" page of your XenForo installation. Unless you install an addon which reroutes the index controller (such as XenPorta), anytime someone goes to your XenForo, they will be forwarded directly to the rerouted page. (default goes to /members/)
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