Update Any Resource

xF2 Add-on Update Any Resource 1.1.1

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  • New: Allow the ability to replicate native create thread reply for resource update under resource owner (#10)
  • Change: Require Standard Library v1.10.0 or higher by Xon
  • Fix: Since 2.2, moderator action alert cannot be sent if the user is a team member (#6)
  • Fix: Since 2.2, team members are unable to post new resource updates (#5)
  • Fix: User who is not team member and made the release cannot download without permission (#7)
  • Fix: Username/user id columns added in resource update/version are not prefixed (#8)
  • Fix: Since 2.2, Resource update thread reply is made by resource owner (#9)
  • Fix: User is alerted for new resource update when ignoring the resource owner (#11)
  • Change: Increase minimum XenForo version requirement to 2.1.10 Patch 2
  • Change: Increase minimum XenForo Resource Manager version requirement to 2.1.4
  • Change: Use consistent listener execution order (#2)
  • Fix: XenForo Resource Manager 2.2 compatibility (#1)
  • Fix: Changing resource type does not set update user data (#3)
Bug fixes
  • Fix: "Please enter a value for the required field 'user_id'"
  • Fix: "Please enter a valid name"
  • Added missing class extension
  • Made add-on compatible with [TH] Reactions
  • Register the updates that need to happen when a user is renamed/deleted
  • Reassign updates and versions as well when reassigning a resource
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