xF1 Style Intrinsic

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- Update to XenForo

- Update to XenForo 1.5.16a.0
  • Conversation menu text color fixed
  • Removed all ad references in canvas panels/visitor panel
  • Wrap has JS in try catch fixed
  1. Full PHP 7.1 Support
  2. Updated theme compatibility for XenForo
  3. Merged outdated templates caused by XenForo update
  4. Fixed UI.X Avatar Shapes
  5. Fixed a mobile based bug with text not being wrapped properly
  6. Fixed Postbit Avatar Size
  7. Fixed Octagon shape from not working
  8. Added text wrapping support for links
Thanks for update @sonic !

Please disable the add-on before upgrade or you will see error messages.

Installation instructions:
  1. After downloading the UI.X add-on, extract the .zip files somewhere, and upload the contents of /upload/ to your XenForo root directory
  2. Grab the .xml file in that extracted .zip and install it via the ACP add-on manager.
  3. Once the add-on is installed, go back to your Products on and generate an API key.
  4. Once this is done, you can go to Appearance > UI.X > Styles (in your sidebar) and you should see the product you purchased with an install button next to it. Click that.
  5. There will be some options. Follow the instructions to install automatically (note that you may be prompted to CHMOD your directories). You may also install manually, there are instructions in this area under a tab called 'Install manually'.
  6. If you ever get stuck, feel free to create a ticket!

Upgrading instructions:
  1. First, and foremost, make a backup of your theme. A backup of your site as a whole is never a bad idea either especially if you are going to production board
  2. Second, disable the UI.X Add-on. This will cause some PHP errors if you are missing tables, so its best to just disable it. If you do accidentally forget, you must add $config['enableListeners'] = 0; to your library/config.php file, then start back at step 2.
  3. Download the latest version of the add-on, located in your downloads area as a green button
  4. Upload the contents of the /upload/ folder within that extracted zip folder to your root XenForo directory
  5. After that has finished, go into your XenForo ACP and click on the UI.X add-on. You will get a modal that says upgrade add-on. Browse for the .xml of the add-on that was in the .zip file and continue
  6. After that has finished, you can choose if you want to update the theme via the add-on or manually. We recommend doing it automatically so that is how we will continue in step 7.
  7. If you go to Appearance, on the sidebar you'll see UI.X > Styles. Click Update next to the style you want to update, or you can install fresh here as well.

UI.X must be considered a software sitting within XenForo, especially days after a major release. So it must be tested. In fact, if you are uncomfortable, wait a few days for those who are fine beta testing to run through and find some bugs.


  1. Updated theme compatibility for XenForo
  2. Merged outdated templates caused by XenForo update
  3. Remove hover effect on tools dropdown on postbit
  4. Fixed bugs pertaining to stylistic changes in version