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xF1 Add-on Header Thumbs 2.2

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On Dec 31, 2015 version 1.8 of this add-on was released to address an exploitable SQL injection vulnerability. If you are still using a version of this add-on which is below 1.8 or released before Dec 31, 2015 then it is essential that you update to the latest version of the add-on as soon as possible to fix this security issue.
Header Thumbs v2.2 changes:

Added a field to the Options called "Remove Header" which will remove the entire header in responsive view. Previous versions of Header Thumbs prior to v2.2 always removed the entire header in responsive, with this version the default is to only remove the three header thumb images.
Header Thumbs v2.1 changes:

Updated Template Modifications code. Should work with all styles now.
Header Thumbs v2.0 changes:

Updated code to make installation easier.

If upgrading from a previous version, please do a complete uninstall first including deleting the Andy/HeaderThumbs directory.
Header Thumbs v1.9 changes:

Updated PHP code.
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