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xF2 Add-on [FF] Showcase Enhancements 1.2.8

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Changed "Item Quick Reply" from a checkbox to a dropdown.


"Bottom of item page" will appear above where the built in SC comments would be if you had them enabled.
"Directly below item" is as it sounds ;)

Bug Fix - Drafts weren't being cleared properly on submission.
Fixed bug where you couldn't disable cover image generation (size wouldn't accept 0).
Fixed bug where rebuild could throw error on invalid cover attachments.

Changed default cover size to 0 (so disabled on first install)
Ok so I shouldn't have been lazy yesterday, I've now updated this to use template replacements so cover image thumbnails are now linked directly in the page (no 301 redirects anymore) - this will speed things up.

This means you can still go to the /cover-image url to show the original full size one (which I think is quite useful)

Also added a new CLI job xf-rebuild:ff-se-xa-sc-items-cover-image so you can rebuild them all from the command line - thank to @Mouth.

Oh and if you are enabling the cover thumbnails on an existing site, you will need to run one of the rebuilds (CLI or admin area) otherwise Showcase will be linking to un-generated images.
Sorry about this, in my haste to copy and paste from the old addon, I missed an important part of code - yikes!

So this update fixes that (basically if you posted an item with no prefix at all it would fail)

As a bonus though and to say sorry about that, I've integrated another one of my addons into it.

Navigation Block Prefixes

If you enable this feature, the item assigned prefixes will appear in the navigation block, underneath the relevant category where the child categories go.

In this example "Ford Cars" is the real category, whereas "Fiesta", "Puma" and "Ranger" are just links to show only those prefixes in the "Ford Cars" category.


You can choose how they are sorted (or to turn them off entirely) in the admin option:


Note: As it works from cache which is updated when an item is added/edited - you'll need to edit an existing item and switch the prefix to something else then back again to build it the first time around. After this it will update automatically :) Yes I could have put that code in a repository and run on install, but I was tired ok!
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