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  • Implemented MercadoPago one time payments.
  • Implemented click tracking for the WhatsApp widget notification.
  • Implemented the ability to set a maximum file size for payment proofs on Offline payments.
  • On registration, now you will be redirected to a page containing the welcome=user_id URL parameter, for easy conversion management when needed.
  • Implemented the ability to trigger the notification URL to open in a new tab/or not for the Button Modal & Video notifications.
  • Implemented teams & teams members statistics, viewable from the admin panel.
  • Implemented User city & continent tracking, viewable from the admin panel.
  • Implemented Admin panel statistics for: Continents, Countries & Devices (including visual map).
  • Implemented Admin panel plan duplication feature.
  • Implemented user logs city & continent tracking as well.
  • Implemented caching for plans making certain pages faster.
  • Implemented 1 hour caching for the stats in the landing page making it faster.
  • Improved the admin panel codes page to be able to filter redeemed codes and payments.
  • Improved the admin panel taxes page to be able to filter payments based on particular used taxes.
  • Improved YooKassa payment gateway to support the receipt parameter.
  • Updated User API Admin endpoint with all the user details.
  • Updated Admin User View page to display more user details.
  • Improved the chart UI in certain scenarios when having a lot of dates selected.
  • Improved the preview of notifications when creating a new notification and having a custom branding set on the particular campaign.
  • Fixed API GET requests not working with the results_per_page parameter.
  • Multiple other code cleanups and improvements.
  • Implemented the ability to set Meta keywords for blog posts.
  • Implemented the ability to set Meta keywords for individual pages.
  • Implemented the ability to toggle the publishing status for blog posts.
  • Implemented the ability to toggle the publishing status for individual pages.
  • Implemented Order by last updated time filters for all resources.
  • Fully reworked the UI of the admin panel.
  • Fully reworked the UI of the installation, documentation and updating process to match the new admin panel UI.
  • Reworked the Teams plugin to give more customizability regarding permission levels.
  • Fixed plans and invoice pages not using custom decimal and thousand separators.
  • Implemented new Contact Us widget for the Pro Notifications plugin.
  • Implemented the ability to show/hide the plans section on the homepage.
  • Improved the Social Share notification: added Reddit & Pinterest share capability.
  • Reworked URL redirection for better UX: When you access a page without being logged in, now you will be able to login and automatically be redirected to your initial requested page.
  • Reworked all the Yes/No form selectors to switches, for better UX (1 less mouse click).
  • Fixed blog category page bug.
  • Fixed color pickers for some bugged notifications.
  • Implemented new Whatapp Chat widget for the Pro Notifications plugin.
  • Implemented interval animation settings for all notifications.
  • Implemented Turnstile Cloudflare captcha system.
  • Implemented Code Redeemed webhook in the admin panel.
  • Implemented user deletion email notification for admins.
  • Implemented unconfirmed users auto deletion feature, configurable via the admin panel.
  • Implemented a better color picker for all color type inputs.
  • Reworked the whole notification settings page for better UI & UX.
  • Added CTR percentage for notification statistics.
  • Reworked the admin panel language translation pages for better clarity and also performance.
  • Improved performance of the whole script & cron job by not running queries to the database when not needed.
  • Now you can also upload Webp images in most image upload related forms.
  • Improved theme switcher: now the logo will automatically switch as well.
  • Blog category pages now also show a sidebar with widgets, for consistency purposes.
  • The New Users Webhook now sends the source data of the creation of the user as well.
  • The New Payments Webhook now sends the plan expiration date as well.
  • Taxes set from the admin panel can now contain decimals.
  • Fixed blog post opengraph image not working properly.
  • Reworked the Paddle implementation to work with the new API changes.
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